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Dungeons and Battles

What's the difference between "Magic" and "Mind"?

Magic determines the damage of most black magic and summons, while Mind determines the power of white magic.

What do "front row" and "back row" refer to?

Characters can be placed in either the front or back row.
Those in the front row deal more damage but also receive more damage from enemies.
Being in the back row reduces damage dealt and received.
Characters that focus on close-range attacks should be placed in the front row. Mages, bow users and so on should be placed in the back row, since the damage from magic and long-range attacks is not reduced when used from the back row.

Are HP or ability uses restored between battles in a dungeon?

HP and ability uses will not be restored automatically while in a dungeon. Also, Poison, Petrify, Silence and Blind will persist even after the current battle ends. (Other debuffs will be removed once the battle has been completed.)
Select "Heal" from the Camp screen to fully restore HP and ability uses, and remove all debuffs and KO status.
Enemies will occasionally drop potions or ethers when defeated, which restore HP and ability uses respectively.
*Using Heal costs Mythril or Gems.

What happens when I use Mythril to continue after being defeated?

Your HP and ability uses will be fully restored, and you will be returned to the beginning of the battle. However, damage dealt to enemies will also be reset, and any enemies defeated in that round will return.
One of the following Phoenix Bonuses will be given at random when choosing to continue:
  • Ability uses +2
  • HP +10%
  • Offensive stats +10% (Attack, Magic and Mind)
  • Defensive stats +10% (Defense and Resistance)
You may continue as many times as you want, and Phoenix Bonuses will accumulate.

What does "VULNERABLE" mean when I attack an enemy?

Enemies often have varying levels of resistance against certain elements. Attacking them with elements against which they are vulnerable will deal increased damage.
There are four levels of resistance in total:
  • Vulnerable = Increased damage
  • Resist = Reduced damage
  • Null = No damage
  • Absorb = Restores HP instead of inflicting damage

*Details can be found in Bosses pages, in the "Elements" chart.

Enemies also have resistances against certain debuffs. If you use an ability that inflicts a debuff and "NO EFFECT" is displayed, it means that enemy is completely immune to that debuff.
If "MISS" is shown, it simply means that the attempt to inflict the debuff failed on that occasion, and the enemy is not immune to that debuff. Each ability that inflicts a debuff has a predetermined success rate.

How are the battle scores decided? Do higher scores give any benefits?

Information on battle scores can also be found in Help, but here is a quick summary:
  • You will be given one of three grades: Novice, Expert or Champion.
  • This is determined by the scores awarded at the end of the battle.
  • The better your grade, the more EXP you will receive.
e.g. A Champion grade gives 200% EXP.

Battle scores are based on the following:
1. Actions Taken
The fewer actions taken, the higher your score. This includes "Attack" and "Defend".
2. Damage Taken
The less damage suffered, the higher your score.
3. Times KO'd
The fewer times your characters are KO'd, the higher your score.
*Boss battles also have "Target Scores". The conditions for achieving Target Scores vary depending on the boss.

Does the amount of EXP vary according to the number of party members?

EXP is divided evenly between all active party members. Therefore, using fewer party members results in a higher share of the EXP per character.
If you want to level up a particular character, removing unneeded party members will give that character more EXP, levelling them up more quickly.
*Members who are KO'd during battle will not receive a share of the EXP. For example, if you have five party members and one is KO'd, the EXP will be divided between the surviving four members.
*If a character has already reached their current level cap, they will still receive their share of the EXP regardless of the fact their level cannot be increased.

I want to play dungeons from a particular FINAL FANTASY title. How can I access them?

Completing dungeons often unlocks new ones.
To find out which dungeons you must complete in order to unlock any particular dungeon, check its entry within Classic Dungeons or Elite Dungeons then refer to "Unlocked by Completing:".

I'm not making any progress...

If you are unable to complete a certain dungeon, try repeating previously completed dungeons to level up your characters. One of the Daily Dungeons gives large amounts of EXP and is perfect for levelling up characters.

This boss is too tough for me...

Bosses often have special attacks, and can cause untold problems for an unprepared party. Choosing abilities that exploit their weaknesses is the key.
Once you know which abilities you want to use, collect the necessary orbs to create and hone those abilities.
Check Bosses for more information on their attack abilities and weaknesses.

I'm getting tired of tapping "Attack" over and over...

Tap the Auto button to enable Auto mode. Once a character's ATB gauge is full, "Attack" will be selected automatically. Tap the Cancel Auto button or anywhere in the command input area at the bottom of the screen to turn off Auto mode.
*Auto mode can only be used once the tutorial has been completed.

What are Elite Dungeons? How can I select them?

Elite Dungeons have increased difficulty compared to their Classic Dungeon counterparts, and the enemies within have higher HP and deal more damage. Tap the Elite Dungeons button in the top right of the dungeon selection screen to access them.
They offer higher rarity orbs and equipment as rewards, so you should definitely try them once your characters are strong enough!

Equipment and Abilities

I can't use my new equipment!

Not all characters can use the same equipment.
You can see what equipment a character can use by tapping "Useable" on the Character Screen.
Tap and hold a character on the Party Screen to view its Character Screen.
*This information is also available in this site, under Character > Useable Equipment.

I got a new ability but I can't use it!

Just like equipment, not all characters can use the same abilities.
This can also be checked from the Character Screen.
The abilities that can be assigned are based on the rarity of the ability.
*This information is also available in this site, under Character > Useable Abilities.

Tell me how to gather items more efficiently!

The Daily Dungeons allow you to collect certain items more efficiently than in regular dungeons. Different Daily Dungeons are available each day of the week, and offer various rewards. Enter dungeons that offer the items you need!
*The rewards are based on certain drop rates, which differ according to the difficulty.

How can I level up more quickly?

Completing battles in the Daily Dungeons that offers increased EXP is one of the best ways to level up. The EXP gained increases exponentially in higher difficulties.

What's the best way to earn gil?

Some Daily Dungeons offer large amounts of gil as enemy drops or completion rewards.

Can you tell me the most efficient way to upgrade weapons and armor?

Weapons and armor each have specific upgrade items.
Weapons use Scarletite (gold).
Armor uses Adamantite (purple).
There are Daily Dungeons that offer large quantities of these upgrade items as rewards.
It is possible to upgrade weapons with Adamantite, and armor with Scarletite, but the effect is greatly reduced.

How do you use the growth eggs?

You can use Growth Eggs to give characters a one-time EXP boost. The amount of EXP gained depends on the rarity of the Growth Egg.

How do you get growth eggs?

Growth Eggs can be earned as Completion Rewards in events and dungeons.
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