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White Magic Mastery(Lenna)

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White Magic Mastery(Lenna)


Effect Instantly restore a very large amount of HP to all allies, reduce the delay of all allies' actions for two turns, temporarily grant the user Sync Mode, increase the user's Cap Break Level by 1, and grant all allies moderate Empower Healing, increasing the HP restored when they are the target of certain healing effects.
Target -
Soul Gauge 2
Used by Lenna
Max Rank 5


Name Effect
Wind Drake's Teachings
Instantly restore a very large amount of HP to one ally.
Sync Requirements
White Magic Ability
Princess's Charity
Restore a small amount of HP to the party.
Sync Requirements
White Magic or Dancer Abilities

Honing Effects

Image Name Default Rank Max Rank
Soul Break Heal Boost
*Rank 1
Lv 1 Lv 5
Self Stat Boost
*Rank 1
Lv 1 Lv 5

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