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Unique Soul Break

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Unique Soul Break
Unique Soul Breaks can only be used be a specific hero. Certain heroes can use Unique Soul Breaks while equipping the appropriate weapons or armor.

Image Name Used by Realm
Shining Wave(Warrior of Light) Warrior of Light FF I
Crossover(Warrior of Light) Warrior of Light FF I
Dancing Edge (I)(Wol) Wol FF I
Elemental Gift(Echo) Echo FF I
Sacred Prayer(Sarah) Sarah FF I
Ballad of Cornelia(Sarah) Sarah FF I
Chaos Cyclone(Garland) Garland FF I
Noble Sacrifice(Josef) Josef FF II
Avalanche(Josef) Josef FF II
Wild Rose Vow(Firion) Firion FF II
Flames of Kashuan(Gordon) Gordon FF II
Goddess's Bell(Gordon) Gordon FF II
Hand of the Emperor(Leon) Leon FF II
Teleport XVI(Minwu) Minwu FF II
Captain's Command(Leila) Leila FF II
Advance(Luneth) Luneth FF III
Blade Torrent(Luneth) Luneth FF III
Soothing Light(Arc) Arc FF III
Spellbreak Volley(Refia) Refia FF III
Earth Ward(Ingus) Ingus FF III
Bolt of the Ancients(Desch) Desch FF III
Selfless Spirit(Desch) Desch FF III
Darkness(Cecil (Dark Knight)) Cecil (Dark Knight) FF IV
Dark Cannon(Cecil (Dark Knight)) Cecil (Dark Knight) FF IV
Soul Eater(Cecil (Dark Knight)) Cecil (Dark Knight) FF IV
Sentinel(Cecil (Paladin)) Cecil (Paladin) FF IV
Radiant Wings(Cecil (Paladin)) Cecil (Paladin) FF IV
Lancet(Kain) Kain FF IV
Gungnir(Kain) Kain FF IV
Summon Eidolon II(Rydia) Rydia FF IV
Radiant Breath(Rydia) Rydia FF IV
Black Fang(Golbez) Golbez FF IV
Nightglow(Golbez) Golbez FF IV
Font of Wisdom(Tellah) Tellah FF IV
Dire Meteor(Tellah) Tellah FF IV
Lunar Auspice(Fusoya) Fusoya FF IV
Eblan Water Veil(Edge) Edge FF IV
Eblan Dual Wield(Edge) Edge FF IV
Divine Favor(Rosa) Rosa FF IV
Miracle(Rosa) Rosa FF IV
Fabled Song(Edward) Edward FF IV
Sylph's Providence(Yang) Yang FF IV
Song of Swiftness(Edward) Edward FF IV
Royal Devotion(Lenna) Lenna FF V
Princess's Favor(Lenna) Lenna FF V
Flames of War(Lenna) Lenna FF V
Blade Wing(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Lupine Barrage(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Choco Romp(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Unyielding Fist(Galuf) Galuf FF V
Fist of the Dawn(Galuf) Galuf FF V
Death Claw(Gilgamesh) Gilgamesh FF V
Repentance(Gilgamesh) Gilgamesh FF V
Kindred Spirit(Faris) Faris FF V
Sea Lord's Broadside(Faris) Faris FF V
Wind Drake's Roar(Krile) Krile FF V
Grand Cross(Exdeath) Exdeath FF V
Dark Earth Shaker(Exdeath) Exdeath FF V
Trance Fira(Terra) Terra FF VI
Trance Flood(Terra) Terra FF VI
Runic Blade(Celes) Celes FF VI
Spinning Edge(Celes) Celes FF VI
Bushido Flurry(Cyan) Cyan FF VI
Bushido Dragon(Cyan) Cyan FF VI
Mirage Dive(Locke) Locke FF VI
Phoenix Plunder(Locke) Locke FF VI
Bioblaster(Edgar) Edgar FF VI
Drill(Edgar) Edgar FF VI
Rising Phoenix(Sabin) Sabin FF VI
Razor Gale(Sabin) Sabin FF VI
Aqua Breath(Strago) Strago FF VI
Sabre Soul(Strago) Strago FF VI
Dive Bomb(Setzer) Setzer FF VI
Prismatic Flash(Setzer) Setzer FF VI
Gigavolt Rage(Gau) Gau FF VI
Wild Fang(Shadow) Shadow FF VI
Sunbath(Mog) Mog FF VI
Heroic Harmony(Mog) Mog FF VI
Havoc Wing(Kefka) Kefka FF VI
Magic Infusion(Kefka) Kefka FF VI
Ink Blast(Relm) Relm FF VI
Brush Up(Relm) Relm FF VI
Braver(Cloud) Cloud FF VII
Cross Slash(Cloud) Cloud FF VII
Climhazzard(Cloud) Cloud FF VII
Healing Wind(Aerith) Aerith FF VII
Planet Protector(Aerith) Aerith FF VII
Dragon Force(Aerith) Aerith FF VII
Fury Brand(Aerith) Aerith FF VII
Somersault(Tifa) Tifa FF VII
Waterkick(Tifa) Tifa FF VII
Burning Arrow (Tifa) Tifa FF VII
Hell's Gate(Sephiroth) Sephiroth FF VII
Shadow Flare(Sephiroth) Sephiroth FF VII
Nibelheim Nightmare(Sephiroth) Sephiroth FF VII
Lunatic High(Red XIII) Red XIII FF VII
Howling Moon(Red XIII) Red XIII FF VII
Rush Assault(Zack) Zack FF VII
Air Strike(Zack) Zack FF VII
Grenade Bomb(Barret) Barret FF VII
Hammerblow(Barret) Barret FF VII
Satellite Beam(Barret) Barret FF VII
Dynamite(Cid (VII)) Cid (VII) FF VII
Hyper Jump(Cid (VII)) Cid (VII) FF VII
Dragon(Cid (VII)) Cid (VII) FF VII
Turk Light(Reno) Reno FF VII
Pyramid (Reno) Reno FF VII
Landscaper(Yuffie) Yuffie FF VII
Clear Tranquil(Yuffie) Yuffie FF VII
Bloodfest (VII)(Yuffie) Yuffie FF VII
Chain Shot(Vincent) Vincent FF VII
Toy Soldier(Cait Sith) Cait Sith FF VII
Angel Wing Bolt(Rinoa) Rinoa FF VIII
Angel Wing Quake(Rinoa) Rinoa FF VIII
The Brothers(Rinoa) Rinoa FF VIII
Rough Divide(Squall) Squall FF VIII
Fated Circle(Squall) Squall FF VIII
Mystic Flurry(Squall) Squall FF VIII
Fast Ammo(Irvine) Irvine FF VIII
Canister Shot(Irvine) Irvine FF VIII
Maser Eye(Quistis) Quistis FF VIII
Trabia's Light(Selphie) Selphie FF VIII
Rapture(Selphie) Selphie FF VIII
Burning Rave(Zell) Zell FF VIII
Meteor Barrage(Zell) Zell FF VIII
Demon Slice(Seifer) Seifer FF VIII
Bloodfest(Seifer) Seifer FF VIII
Missile Salvo(Laguna) Laguna FF VIII
Inaugural Parade(Edea) Edea FF VIII
Jin(Fujin) Fujin FF VIII
Ramuh(Garnet) Garnet FF IX
Leviathan(Garnet) Garnet FF IX
Doublecast Venom(Vivi) Vivi FF IX
Doublecast Meteorite(Vivi) Vivi FF IX
Thunder Slash(Steiner) Steiner FF IX
Sword Art Stock Break(Steiner) Steiner FF IX
Withering Winds(Eiko) Eiko FF IX
Emerald Light(Eiko) Eiko FF IX
Mighty Guard (IX)(Quina) Quina FF IX
Angel's Snack(Quina) Quina FF IX
Scoop Art(Zidane) Zidane FF IX
Rumble Rush(Zidane) Zidane FF IX
Aura(Amarant) Amarant FF IX
Scarlet Elan(Amarant) Amarant FF IX
Seiken Stock Break(Beatrix) Beatrix FF IX
Rose of May(Beatrix) Beatrix FF IX
Dragon Breath(Freya) Freya FF IX
Dread of Death(Kuja) Kuja FF IX
Spiral Cut(Tidus) Tidus FF X
Slice & Dice(Tidus) Tidus FF X
Swiftform(Tidus) Tidus FF X
Leap & Rush(Tidus) Tidus FF X
Status Reels(Wakka) Wakka FF X
Attack Reels(Wakka) Wakka FF X
Mighty Guard (X)(Kimahri) Kimahri FF X
Ronso Jump(Kimahri) Kimahri FF X
The Sending(Yuna) Yuna FF X
Hymn of the Fayth(Yuna) Yuna FF X
Farplane Wind(Yuna) Yuna FF X
Dragon Fang(Auron) Auron FF X
Shooting Star(Auron) Auron FF X
Undefeated(Auron) Auron FF X
Firaga Fury(Lulu) Lulu FF X
Focus (X)(Lulu) Lulu FF X
Hazardous Shell(Rikku) Rikku FF X
Hyper NulAll(Rikku) Rikku FF X
Machina Sabotage(Rikku) Rikku FF X
Jecht Beam(Jecht) Jecht FF X
Jecht Rush(Jecht) Jecht FF X
Whip Kick(Fran) Fran FF XII
Shatterheart(Fran) Fran FF XII
Tides of Fate(Balthier) Balthier FF XII
Element of Treachery(Balthier) Balthier FF XII
White Whorl(Vaan) Vaan FF XII
Windburst(Vaan) Vaan FF XII
Northswain's Glow(Ashe) Ashe FF XII
Heaven's Wrath(Ashe) Ashe FF XII
War Dance(Penelo) Penelo FF XII
Mincing Minuet(Penelo) Penelo FF XII
Apocalypse Shield(Basch) Basch FF XII
Fulminating Darkness(Basch) Basch FF XII
Enrage(Gabranth) Gabranth FF XII
Froststrike(Snow) Snow FF XIII
Sovereign Fist(Snow) Snow FF XIII
Challenge(Snow) Snow FF XIII
Deprotega(Vanille) Vanille FF XIII
Oerba's Boon(Vanille) Vanille FF XIII
Blaze Rush(Lightning) Lightning FF XIII
Stormborn(Lightning) Lightning FF XIII
Smite(Lightning) Lightning FF XIII
Boon(Sazh) Sazh FF XIII
Caltrop Bomb(Sazh) Sazh FF XIII
Brutal Sanction(Hope) Hope FF XIII
Earthquake(Hope) Hope FF XIII
Pulsar Burst(Fang) Fang FF XIII
High Dive(Fang) Fang FF XIII
Clock Master(Serah) Serah FF XIII
Offensive Shift(Cid Raines) Cid Raines FF XIII
Dancing Edge(Thancred) Thancred FF XIV
Death Blossom(Thancred) Thancred FF XIV
Stoneskin II(Y'shtola) Y'shtola FF XIV
Medica II(Y'shtola) Y'shtola FF XIV
Internal Release(Yda) Yda FF XIV
Swiftcast Fira(Papalymo) Papalymo FF XIV
Tailwind(Ramza) Ramza FFT
Hail of Stones(Ramza) Ramza FFT
Cleansing Strike(Agrias) Agrias FFT
Counter Tackle(Delita) Delita FFT
Crush Armor(Delita) Delita FFT
Aegis(Ovelia) Ovelia FFT
Leg Shot (FFT)(Mustadio) Mustadio FFT
Double Attack II(Warrior) Warrior Core Classes
Magic Signet(Black Mage) Black Mage Core Classes
Mass Firaga(Black Mage) Black Mage Core Classes
Divine Signet(White Mage) White Mage Core Classes
Steady Shot II(Ranger) Ranger Core Classes
Sidewinder(Ranger) Ranger Core Classes
Valor Minuet II(Bard) Bard Core Classes
Stormlance Grimoire(Tyro) Tyro Core Classes
Healing Grimoire(Tyro) Tyro Core Classes
Cyclone Grimoire(Tyro) Tyro Core Classes
Sentinel's Grimoire(Tyro) Tyro Core Classes
Celebration Grimoire(Tyro) Tyro Core Classes
Knight's Shield II(Knight) Knight Core Classes
Doublecast Thunder(Red Mage) Red Mage Core Classes
Call II(Summoner) Summoner Core Classes
Light Divine(White Mage) White Mage Core Classes
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