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Twin Moon(Golbez)

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Twin Moon(Golbez)


Effect Deal seven magic dark and non-elemental attacks to one target, grant Haste and Burst Mode to the user, temporarily raise the user's Magic a moderate amount and Defense a very large amount, and temporarily attract single-target physical and black magic attacks.
Target Single
Soul Gauge 2
Used by Golbez

Burst Mode Abilities

Image Name Effect
Shadow Dragon
Grant the user a barrier that negates attack damage up to 30% of their max HP. If the user does not have Summon Strike, grant them Summon Strike, and if they have Summon Strike, deal four summon magic dark attacks to all targets, and remove Summon Strike from the user. Summon Strike is only active during Burst Mode.
Glare Hand
Deal four magic dark attacks to one target, and heal the user for a portion of the damage dealt if the user has Summon Strike.
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