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Sync Soul Break

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Sync Soul Break
Syncs can only be used once per dungeon. Each hero can only equip one Sync. Sync uses are replenished when entering a dungeon. As a Roaming Warrior, Syncs can only be used once per dungeon. While Sync Mode is active, Attack and Defend change to Sync Abilities. Sync Abilities trigger at the same time as equipped abilities when Sync Requirements are met.
Honing Effects
Honing a Soul Break increases its rank, enhancing the Honing Effect of the Soul Break.

Image Name Used by Realm
Photon Wave(Warrior of Light) Warrior of Light FF I
Far-Reaching Prayer(Sarah) Sarah FF I
Sinister Reincarnation(Garland) Garland FF I
Primal Undine(Meia) Meia FF I
Heroic Blow(Josef) Josef FF II
Full Mastery(Firion) Firion FF II
Armageddon XCIX(Maria) Maria FF II
Holy XCIX(Minwu) Minwu FF II
Split Edge(Leila) Leila FF II
Wild Rose Blossom(Hilda) Hilda FF II
Knight's Assault(Ingus) Ingus FF III
Channel Water(Onion Knight) Onion Knight FF III
Diffusion Particle Beam(Cloud of Darkness) Cloud of Darkness FF III
Ephemeral Maiden(Aria) Aria FF III
Shadow Blazer(Cecil (Dark Knight)) Cecil (Dark Knight) FF IV
Shine Braver(Cecil (Paladin)) Cecil (Paladin) FF IV
Blood Dragoon(Kain) Kain FF IV
Cross Javelin(Kain) Kain FF IV
Eidolon Zantetsuken(Rydia) Rydia FF IV
Broken Heart(Rydia) Rydia FF IV
Dark Meteor(Golbez) Golbez FF IV
Eblan Harmony(Edge) Edge FF IV
Theme of Love(Rosa) Rosa FF IV
Raging Wind(Barbariccia) Barbariccia FF IV
White Magic Mastery(Lenna) Lenna FF V
Ethereal Bond(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Precious Friend(Faris) Faris FF V
Baldesion Attack(Krile) Krile FF V
Space Disorder(Exdeath) Exdeath FF V
Inferno Cross(Terra) Terra FF VI
Riot Storm(Terra) Terra FF VI
Mystical Snow(Celes) Celes FF VI
Phoenix Heat(Locke) Locke FF VI
Devastating Carnage(Shadow) Shadow FF VI
Rising Tone(Kefka) Kefka FF VI
Galaxy Prism(Relm) Relm FF VI
Apex Slash(Cloud) Cloud FF VII
Meteor Rain(Cloud) Cloud FF VII
Blue-Eyed Sentinel(Aerith) Aerith FF VII
Zangan's Infinitude(Tifa) Tifa FF VII
Limit Combo(Tifa) Tifa FF VII
Demonic Lord(Sephiroth) Sephiroth FF VII
Soaring Comet(Red XIII) Red XIII FF VII
Our Day Off(Reno) Reno FF VII
Moonless Shower(Yuffie) Yuffie FF VII
Bestial Claws(Vincent) Vincent FF VII
Purgatorial Wave(Genesis) Genesis FF VII
Angel Wing Firmament(Rinoa) Rinoa FF VIII
Angel Wing Cross(Rinoa) Rinoa FF VIII
Cross Your Heart(Squall) Squall FF VIII
Fated Flame(Squall) Squall FF VIII
Comrades' Return(Selphie) Selphie FF VIII
Absolutely No Mercy(Seifer) Seifer FF VIII
Freezing Downpour(Laguna) Laguna FF VIII
Sorcerous Binding(Edea) Edea FF VIII
Shockwave Pulsar(Ultimecia) Ultimecia FF VIII
Peridot Thunder(Garnet) Garnet FF IX
Glittering Flame(Vivi) Vivi FF IX
Seraphic Rebirth(Eiko) Eiko FF IX
Not Alone(Zidane) Zidane FF IX
Seiken Shock End(Beatrix) Beatrix FF IX
Blitz Yell(Tidus) Tidus FF X
Blitz Ace(Tidus) Tidus FF X
Farplane Wish(Yuna) Yuna FF X
Secret Shooting Star(Auron) Auron FF X
Tidal Wave(Rikku) Rikku FF X
Liquid Steel Throttle(Paine) Paine FF X
Chain Thunder Play(Shantotto) Shantotto FF XI
Winter Moon Blossom(Ayame) Ayame FF XI
Automaton Band(Aphmau) Aphmau FF XI
Head Strike(Vaan) Vaan FF XII
Saintly Pride(Ashe) Ashe FF XII
Channeling Bolt(Ashe) Ashe FF XII
Shining Vindication(Penelo) Penelo FF XII
Vengeful Judgment(Gabranth) Gabranth FF XII
A Dream Revealed(Snow) Snow FF XIII
Come On, Hecaton!(Vanille) Vanille FF XIII
Gestalt Drive(Lightning) Lightning FF XIII
Centuria of One(Lightning) Lightning FF XIII
Bahamut Assault(Fang) Fang FF XIII
Transcendent Arrow(Serah) Serah FF XIII
Last Destiny(Cid Raines) Cid Raines FF XIII
Future Remembrance(Noel) Noel FF XIII
Army Gear(Nabaat) Nabaat FF XIII
Scion's Flare(Y'shtola) Y'shtola FF XIV
Child of the Dawn(Alphinaud) Alphinaud FF XIV
Summon Moonstone(Alphinaud) Alphinaud FF XIV
Black Dragon Dive(Estinien) Estinien FF XIV
Heart and Steel(Alisaie) Alisaie FF XIV
True Ignis Link(Noctis) Noctis FF XV
True Gladiolus Link(Noctis) Noctis FF XV
Wild Tempest(Gladiolus) Gladiolus FF XV
Pocket Mega-Potion(Iris) Iris FF XV
Miracle Trigger(Prompto) Prompto FF XV
Sage's Hellfire(Ignis) Ignis FF XV
For the King(Lunafreya) Lunafreya FF XV
Mega Death(Ardyn) Ardyn FF XV
Brave Story(Ramza) Ramza FF T
Seiken Perfection(Orlandeau) Orlandeau FF T
Dark End(Gaffgarion) Gaffgarion FF T
Stargazer(Orran) Orran FF T
Assault Cards(Ace) Ace Type-0
Vital Symphony(Deuce) Deuce Type-0
Saintly Huntcraft(Rem) Rem Type-0
Power of Fear(Machina) Machina Type-0
Meteor Cyclone(Cinque) Cinque Type-0
Icicle Strike(Seven) Seven Type-0
Tri-Color Snipe Mode(Cater) Cater Type-0
Eternal Light(Fina) Fina Beyond
Crimson Nova(Rain) Rain Beyond
Winter's Oblivion(Lasswell) Lasswell Beyond
Fantasy Grimoire Vol. II(Tyro) Tyro Core Classes
Magika Animus(Elarra) Elarra Core Classes
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