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Guardian Lady Lilith(Lilisette)

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Guardian Lady Lilith(Lilisette)


Effect Instantly lose control of allies, and briefly summon Lady Lilith. The effect depends on the number of Limit Break Gauge bars depleted.
Target -
Limit Gauge Cost 1-3
Used by Lilisette
Max Rank 7

Guardian Abilities

Name Effect
Guardian Durance Whip
Instantly deal physical lightning, wind, and non-elemental damage to one enemy, briefly lower its Defense, Resistance, and Mind a very large amount, and cast Dispel on it. Can break the damage cap.
Guardian Moonlight Veil
Instantly deal three physical lightning, wind, and non-elemental attacks to one enemy, and briefly lower its elemental resistance levels by 1.

Guardian Soul Breaks

Name Effect
Guardian Petaline Tempest

Honing Effects

Image Name Default Rank Max Rank
Soul Break Damage Boost
*Rank 1
Lv 1 Lv 5
Damage Reduction Barrier x1
*Rank 3
Lv 1 Lv 5

Effects granted by Guardian when summoned

  • Grant Protect, Shell, and Haste to the user. -Fill the user's ATB Gauge when summoned.
  • Temporarily raise the user's Defense and Resistance a very large amount.
  • Temporarily grant the user major Empowered Infusion for lightning.
  • Temporarily increase the user's Cap Break Level by 2.
  • Temporarily grant the user a barrier that reflects a portion of damage taken back at the attacker as damage that can break the damage cap (700%).
  • Grant the user Last Stand.
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