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Grenado Shot(Cid (XIV))

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Grenado Shot(Cid (XIV))


Effect Deal seven ranged physical earth and non-elemental attacks to all enemies, temporarily lower their earth resistance level by 2, and grant Haste and Burst Mode to the user.
Target All
Soul Gauge 2
Used by Cid (XIV)

Burst Mode Abilities

Image Name Effect
Shoot & Reload
Deal ranged physical earth and non-elemental damage to one enemy and temporarily grant Reload to the user. Reload stacks up to three times, and adds an effect to Split Shot.
Split Shot
Deal four ranged physical earth and non-elemental attacks to one enemy. If the user has Reload, chance to temporarily lower the enemy's earth resistance level by 1, and remove Reload from the user. Chance to lower resistance ranges from very small to high, depending on the level of Reload.
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