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Glints are Soul Breaks that require one Soul Gauge bar to use, but to balance their low cost, they can only be used three times per dungeon attempt. Certain heroes can use Glints while equipping the appropriate weapons or armor.

Image Name Used by Realm
Radiant Soul(Warrior of Light) Warrior of Light FF I
Soul Keeper(Warrior of Light) Warrior of Light FF I
Elemental Choice(Wol) Wol FF I
Weakness Weapon(Wol) Wol FF I
Faerie Cry(Echo) Echo FF I
Love of Cornelia(Sarah) Sarah FF I
Light Rondo(Sarah) Sarah FF I
Melody of Light(Sarah) Sarah FF I
Glimpse of Chaos(Garland) Garland FF I
Love or Loathe(Garland) Garland FF I
Undivided Focus(Master) Master FF I
Psyche Up(Master) Master FF I
Blazing Speed(Master) Master FF I
Witch's Concoction(Matoya) Matoya FF I
Fiat Lux(Meia) Meia FF I
True Lux(Meia) Meia FF I
Wind Drive(Thief (I)) Thief (I) FF I
Wind Trick(Thief (I)) Thief (I) FF I
Hero's Roar(Josef) Josef FF II
Hero's Heart(Josef) Josef FF II
Heroic Class(Josef) Josef FF II
Weapon Specialist(Firion) Firion FF II
Weapon Change(Firion) Firion FF II
Brotherly Redemption(Gordon) Gordon FF II
Royal Honor(Gordon) Gordon FF II
Dragoon Justice(Ricard) Ricard FF II
Last Dragoon's Resolve(Ricard) Ricard FF II
Faith VIII(Maria) Maria FF II
Earth Infusion XVI(Maria) Maria FF II
Force of Darkness(Leon) Leon FF II
Rebellious Strike(Leon) Leon FF II
Divine Dealings(Minwu) Minwu FF II
Shatter Seal(Minwu) Minwu FF II
Pirate's Pluck(Leila) Leila FF II
Aqua Venom(Leila) Leila FF II
Gaia Support(Guy) Guy FF II
Lupine Stance(Guy) Guy FF II
Clever Ruse(Emperor) Emperor FF II
Tyrannical Directive(Emperor) Emperor FF II
Hellish Gale(Emperor) Emperor FF II
Imperious Tyrant(Emperor) Emperor FF II
Ardent Valor(Scott) Scott FF II
Hungry For Battle(Scott) Scott FF II
Dignity Preserved(Hilda) Hilda FF II
Howling Winds(Luneth) Luneth FF III
Master Dragoon(Luneth) Luneth FF III
Soaring Melody(Arc) Arc FF III
Sacred Breath(Arc) Arc FF III
Shimmerwave Song(Arc) Arc FF III
Bridled Love(Refia) Refia FF III
Beacon of Love(Refia) Refia FF III
Gaia Sword(Ingus) Ingus FF III
Titanic Force(Ingus) Ingus FF III
Order of Sasune(Ingus) Ingus FF III
Shattering Thunder(Desch) Desch FF III
Violet Strike(Desch) Desch FF III
Violet Flash(Desch) Desch FF III
Growling Thunder(Desch) Desch FF III
Amethyst Lightning(Desch) Desch FF III
Onion Soul(Onion Knight) Onion Knight FF III
Onion Water(Onion Knight) Onion Knight FF III
Fluctuating Power(Onion Knight) Onion Knight FF III
Onion Earth(Onion Knight) Onion Knight FF III
Onion Aero(Onion Knight) Onion Knight FF III
Arcane Rampart(Cloud of Darkness) Cloud of Darkness FF III
Swathed in Darkness(Cloud of Darkness) Cloud of Darkness FF III
Saturating Particle Flux(Cloud of Darkness) Cloud of Darkness FF III
Lightning Deluge(Cloud of Darkness) Cloud of Darkness FF III
Divine Curtain(Aria) Aria FF III
Remnant Light(Aria) Aria FF III
Evil Force(Cecil (Dark Knight)) Cecil (Dark Knight) FF IV
Evil Zone(Cecil (Dark Knight)) Cecil (Dark Knight) FF IV
Saintly Force(Cecil (Paladin)) Cecil (Paladin) FF IV
Valiant Force(Cecil (Paladin)) Cecil (Paladin) FF IV
Defiant Force(Cecil (Paladin)) Cecil (Paladin) FF IV
Dragon's Descent(Kain) Kain FF IV
Draconic Tempest(Kain) Kain FF IV
Primed Jump(Kain) Kain FF IV
Secret of Mist(Rydia) Rydia FF IV
Secret of the Eidolons(Rydia) Rydia FF IV
Mist Wall(Rydia) Rydia FF IV
Feymarch Power(Rydia) Rydia FF IV
Cloaked in Night(Golbez) Golbez FF IV
Chaos Barrier(Golbez) Golbez FF IV
Resonating Strata(Tellah) Tellah FF IV
Sage's Will(Tellah) Tellah FF IV
Lunar Beam(Fusoya) Fusoya FF IV
Lunar Blessing(Fusoya) Fusoya FF IV
Azure Flash(Edge) Edge FF IV
Eblan Discipline(Edge) Edge FF IV
Divine Guard(Rosa) Rosa FF IV
Divine Shelter(Rosa) Rosa FF IV
Black Magic Touch(Palom) Palom FF IV
Thunder Cross(Palom) Palom FF IV
Brilliant Swagger(Palom) Palom FF IV
White Magic Touch(Porom) Porom FF IV
Mysidian Guard(Porom) Porom FF IV
Concentrate (IV)(Yang) Yang FF IV
Paean Echoes(Edward) Edward FF IV
So Young!(Cid (IV)) Cid (IV) FF IV
Cross Charge(Ceodore) Ceodore FF IV
Lunar Force(Ceodore) Ceodore FF IV
Whirling Blaze(Rubicante) Rubicante FF IV
Chivalrous Foe(Rubicante) Rubicante FF IV
Assert Dominance(Ursula) Ursula FF IV
Monastic Secret(Ursula) Ursula FF IV
Eye of the Tornado(Barbariccia) Barbariccia FF IV
Blustery Ruler(Barbariccia) Barbariccia FF IV
Greatest Love(Lenna) Lenna FF V
Tycoon's Protection(Lenna) Lenna FF V
Heartfelt Desire(Lenna) Lenna FF V
Master Spellblade(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Quest of the Four(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Gaia's Favor(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Fluid Power(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Tetrad Beam(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Blazing Power(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Quadlight Crystal(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Abiding Strike(Galuf) Galuf FF V
Iron Valor(Galuf) Galuf FF V
King of Bal(Galuf) Galuf FF V
Safe Bastion(Gilgamesh) Gilgamesh FF V
Time to Tussle!(Gilgamesh) Gilgamesh FF V
I'm On Fire!(Gilgamesh) Gilgamesh FF V
Tested Mettle(Gilgamesh) Gilgamesh FF V
Faithful Sea Dog(Faris) Faris FF V
Syldra's Blessing(Faris) Faris FF V
Pirate's Daring(Faris) Faris FF V
Boundless Love(Krile) Krile FF V
Cloud of Dust(Krile) Krile FF V
Ancestral Devotion(Krile) Krile FF V
Orbital Power(Exdeath) Exdeath FF V
Unknown Orbit(Exdeath) Exdeath FF V
Orbital Energy(Exdeath) Exdeath FF V
Last Word(Dorgann) Dorgann FF V
Dawn's Union(Dorgann) Dorgann FF V
Deep Imitation(Gogo (V)) Gogo (V) FF V
Abyssal Revelation(Gogo (V)) Gogo (V) FF V
Surgate Tactics(Xezat) Xezat FF V
Wolf Howl(Kelger) Kelger FF V
Fury of the Wolf(Kelger) Kelger FF V
Esper Flame(Terra) Terra FF VI
Storm Harbinger(Terra) Terra FF VI
Illusory Flame(Terra) Terra FF VI
Reviving Wind(Terra) Terra FF VI
Rune Knight's Ambition(Celes) Celes FF VI
Rune Knight's Honor(Celes) Celes FF VI
Rune Knight's Triumph(Celes) Celes FF VI
Invincible Swordplay(Celes) Celes FF VI
Blade of Holy Binding(Celes) Celes FF VI
Doma's Valor(Cyan) Cyan FF VI
Searing Stance(Cyan) Cyan FF VI
Doma Devout(Cyan) Cyan FF VI
Heat of Passion(Locke) Locke FF VI
Heat Slicer(Locke) Locke FF VI
Heat Spirit(Locke) Locke FF VI
Critical Call(Edgar) Edgar FF VI
King of Figaro(Edgar) Edgar FF VI
Trinity Down(Edgar) Edgar FF VI
Invigorating Fist(Sabin) Sabin FF VI
Smoldering Fist(Sabin) Sabin FF VI
Blue Costume(Strago) Strago FF VI
Exploit Weakness(Strago) Strago FF VI
Green Costume(Strago) Strago FF VI
Dream Vault(Setzer) Setzer FF VI
Ready to Rampage(Gau) Gau FF VI
Explosive Thrust(Gau) Gau FF VI
Feral Rampage(Gau) Gau FF VI
Wrapped in Darkness(Shadow) Shadow FF VI
Fleeting Shadow(Shadow) Shadow FF VI
Abyssal Cloak(Shadow) Shadow FF VI
Guardian Symphony(Mog) Mog FF VI
Memory Dance(Mog) Mog FF VI
Path to Madness(Kefka) Kefka FF VI
Scornful Laugh(Kefka) Kefka FF VI
Cure Sketch(Relm) Relm FF VI
Thamasa Guard(Relm) Relm FF VI
Perfect Likeness(Relm) Relm FF VI
Indomitable Purpose(Leo) Leo FF VI
General's Protection(Leo) Leo FF VI
Height of Chivalry(Leo) Leo FF VI
Imitation Suit(Gogo (VI)) Gogo (VI) FF VI
Sinewy Power(Umaro) Umaro FF VI
Mako Power(Cloud) Cloud FF VII
Mako Abyss(Cloud) Cloud FF VII
Aerial Fang(Cloud) Cloud FF VII
Jenova Cell Power(Cloud) Cloud FF VII
Truth and Illusion(Cloud) Cloud FF VII
Triple Slash(Cloud) Cloud FF VII
Refreshing Breeze(Aerith) Aerith FF VII
Star Whisper(Aerith) Aerith FF VII
Zangan Awakening(Tifa) Tifa FF VII
Rock Render(Tifa) Tifa FF VII
Eruption Garb(Tifa) Tifa FF VII
Rockcrusher Grasp(Tifa) Tifa FF VII
Jenova's Might(Sephiroth) Sephiroth FF VII
Shimmer Flash(Sephiroth) Sephiroth FF VII
Fervent Shadow(Sephiroth) Sephiroth FF VII
Expanding Earth(Red XIII) Red XIII FF VII
Air Blast(Zack) Zack FF VII
Storm Squat(Zack) Zack FF VII
Sonic Squat(Zack) Zack FF VII
Heroic Dream(Zack) Zack FF VII
Avenging Flames(Barret) Barret FF VII
Angry Mind(Barret) Barret FF VII
Electro Rod Charge(Reno) Reno FF VII
Freewheeling Reflection(Yuffie) Yuffie FF VII
Stillwater Crag(Yuffie) Yuffie FF VII
Ebb and Flow(Yuffie) Yuffie FF VII
Earth Veil Slam(Yuffie) Yuffie FF VII
Forsaken Power(Vincent) Vincent FF VII
Munitions Reload(Vincent) Vincent FF VII
Planetary Protector(Cait Sith) Cait Sith FF VII
Envious Thunder(Angeal) Angeal FF VII
You Owe Me One(Angeal) Angeal FF VII
Blade Invocation(Angeal) Angeal FF VII
Warrior's Dignity(Angeal) Angeal FF VII
Reign of Terror(Rufus) Rufus FF VII
Ambitious Vice(Rufus) Rufus FF VII
Rocket Jump(Cid (VII)) Cid (VII) FF VII
Cleared for Takeoff!(Cid (VII)) Cid (VII) FF VII
Technical Defense(Shelke) Shelke FF VII
Amber Eyes(Shelke) Shelke FF VII
Masterful Control(Rude) Rude FF VII
Spare Sunglasses(Rude) Rude FF VII
Sudden Bombardment(Elena) Elena FF VII
Super Sneak Attack(Elena) Elena FF VII
Epic of Creation(Genesis) Genesis FF VII
Epic of Destruction(Genesis) Genesis FF VII
Epic of Heroism(Genesis) Genesis FF VII
Angel Wing Magic Mien(Rinoa) Rinoa FF VIII
Angel Wing Ice Dust(Rinoa) Rinoa FF VIII
Grand Refrain(Rinoa) Rinoa FF VIII
Sublime Sorcery(Rinoa) Rinoa FF VIII
Blasting Aura(Squall) Squall FF VIII
Fated Aura(Squall) Squall FF VIII
Blasting Force(Squall) Squall FF VIII
Fated Force(Squall) Squall FF VIII
Assault Standby(Irvine) Irvine FF VIII
Pride of the King(Quistis) Quistis FF VIII
Aqua Bubbles(Quistis) Quistis FF VIII
King's Charge(Quistis) Quistis FF VIII
Bon Vivant(Selphie) Selphie FF VIII
Wall Slots(Selphie) Selphie FF VIII
Thoughts of Trabia(Selphie) Selphie FF VIII
Academic Arts(Zell) Zell FF VIII
Assiduous Heat(Zell) Zell FF VIII
Cram Session(Zell) Zell FF VIII
Problem Child(Seifer) Seifer FF VIII
Relentless Ambition(Seifer) Seifer FF VIII
Freeze Missiles(Laguna) Laguna FF VIII
Junction Freeze(Laguna) Laguna FF VIII
Power Succession(Edea) Edea FF VIII
Cold-Hearted Guise(Edea) Edea FF VIII
Sweet Frozen Dream(Edea) Edea FF VIII
Dread Sorceress(Edea) Edea FF VIII
Winds(Fujin) Fujin FF VIII
Periphery(Fujin) Fujin FF VIII
Nagi(Fujin) Fujin FF VIII
Indomitable Will(Raijin) Raijin FF VIII
Thundering Hammer(Raijin) Raijin FF VIII
Indomitable Thunderclap(Raijin) Raijin FF VIII
Valiant Assault(Raijin) Raijin FF VIII
Switch Reduction(Kiros) Kiros FF VIII
Quick Critical(Ward) Ward FF VIII
Time Tamperer(Ultimecia) Ultimecia FF VIII
Veil of Shadows(Ultimecia) Ultimecia FF VIII
Temporal Dominance(Ultimecia) Ultimecia FF VIII
Maiden's Summon(Garnet) Garnet FF IX
Maiden's Mettle(Garnet) Garnet FF IX
Soul of Ramuh(Garnet) Garnet FF IX
True Black Mage(Vivi) Vivi FF IX
Spontaneity(Vivi) Vivi FF IX
Stoke Flames(Vivi) Vivi FF IX
Magic Airs(Vivi) Vivi FF IX
Black Mage Evolution(Vivi) Vivi FF IX
Ironclad Vow(Steiner) Steiner FF IX
Enduring Loyalty(Steiner) Steiner FF IX
Just a Flesh Wound(Steiner) Steiner FF IX
Sleight of Eiko(Eiko) Eiko FF IX
Eiko's Secret Weapon(Eiko) Eiko FF IX
Nacre Light(Eiko) Eiko FF IX
Angelic White Wind(Quina) Quina FF IX
Delta Def-Less(Quina) Quina FF IX
Self Matra Magic(Quina) Quina FF IX
Quina's Sampling(Quina) Quina FF IX
Aerial Ace(Zidane) Zidane FF IX
Tail Draft(Zidane) Zidane FF IX
Outlaw Spirit(Amarant) Amarant FF IX
Outlaw Soul(Amarant) Amarant FF IX
Noblest Knight(Beatrix) Beatrix FF IX
Rose Catharsis(Beatrix) Beatrix FF IX
Eternal Harvest(Freya) Freya FF IX
Soul Charge(Kuja) Kuja FF IX
Dark Refrain(Kuja) Kuja FF IX
Leave it to Me(Marcus) Marcus FF IX
Ace Form(Tidus) Tidus FF X
Sphere Form(Tidus) Tidus FF X
Centre Attack(Wakka) Wakka FF X
Ocean Reels(Wakka) Wakka FF X
Fayth's Refuge(Yuna) Yuna FF X
Bright Prospects(Yuna) Yuna FF X
Boundless Heart(Yuna) Yuna FF X
Yearning Prayer(Yuna) Yuna FF X
Final Wall(Yuna) Yuna FF X
Guardian's Grit(Auron) Auron FF X
Scorching Shank(Auron) Auron FF X
Flaming Reflection(Auron) Auron FF X
Icy Beauty(Lulu) Lulu FF X
Aqueous Beauty(Lulu) Lulu FF X
Overlapping Futures(Lulu) Lulu FF X
Witch's Resolve(Lulu) Lulu FF X
Secret Concoction(Rikku) Rikku FF X
Marine Time(Rikku) Rikku FF X
Mega Enwater(Rikku) Rikku FF X
Jecht Spirit(Jecht) Jecht FF X
Jecht Charge(Jecht) Jecht FF X
A Dream of Journey's End(Braska) Braska FF X
Crimson Prayer(Braska) Braska FF X
Bring the Pain!(Paine) Paine FF X
Maulwings Flurry(Paine) Paine FF X
Dark Imaginings(Seymour) Seymour FF X
A Son's Yearning(Seymour) Seymour FF X
Aqua Landing(Kimahri) Kimahri FF X
Elemental Celerity(Shantotto) Shantotto FF XI
Thrills and Spills!(Shantotto) Shantotto FF XI
Sacred Seal(Curilla) Curilla FF XI
One-Eyed Swordmaster(Curilla) Curilla FF XI
Overwhelm(Ayame) Ayame FF XI
Ikishoten(Ayame) Ayame FF XI
Impetus(Prishe) Prishe FF XI
Shark Bite(Lion) Lion FF XI
Pirate's Tutelage(Lion) Lion FF XI
Instant Manipulation(Aphmau) Aphmau FF XI
Chastise(Zeid) Zeid FF XI
Climactic Flourish(Lilisette) Lilisette FF XI
Warrior's Charge(Naja) Naja FF XI
Hawkeyed Marksman(Fran) Fran FF XII
Steady Grip(Fran) Fran FF XII
The Fleetfooted(Balthier) Balthier FF XII
Snatch Heart(Balthier) Balthier FF XII
Scarlet Sky Fluke(Balthier) Balthier FF XII
Rise and Fall(Balthier) Balthier FF XII
Rabanastre Rumble(Vaan) Vaan FF XII
Spiral Wind II(Vaan) Vaan FF XII
Spiral Wind(Vaan) Vaan FF XII
Dusk Mote(Ashe) Ashe FF XII
Dynast-King's Scion(Ashe) Ashe FF XII
Liberator's Truth(Ashe) Ashe FF XII
Childhood Bond(Penelo) Penelo FF XII
Captain's Resolve(Basch) Basch FF XII
Captain's Loyalty(Basch) Basch FF XII
Hour of Vengeance(Gabranth) Gabranth FF XII
Darksteel Wrath(Gabranth) Gabranth FF XII
Fathomless Grievance(Gabranth) Gabranth FF XII
Unsullied Prince(Larsa) Larsa FF XII
Alabaster Path(Larsa) Larsa FF XII
Hi-Potion (XII)(Larsa) Larsa FF XII
Dark Conquest(Vayne) Vayne FF XII
Solidor's Shadow(Vayne) Vayne FF XII
Courageous Mind(Reks) Reks FF XII
Hero's Fist(Snow) Snow FF XIII
Icicle Veil(Snow) Snow FF XIII
Icicle Form(Snow) Snow FF XIII
Quick Curasa(Vanille) Vanille FF XIII
Need for Speed(Vanille) Vanille FF XIII
Swift Recovery(Vanille) Vanille FF XIII
Quick Guard(Vanille) Vanille FF XIII
Seismic Strike(Lightning) Lightning FF XIII
Rending Thunder(Lightning) Lightning FF XIII
War God's Resolve(Lightning) Lightning FF XIII
Resolute Faith(Hope) Hope FF XIII
Future Hope(Hope) Hope FF XIII
Smash Blast(Fang) Fang FF XIII
Dragon Blast(Fang) Fang FF XIII
Artemis Zone(Serah) Serah FF XIII
Artemis Charge(Serah) Serah FF XIII
Artemis Field(Serah) Serah FF XIII
Artemis Veil(Serah) Serah FF XIII
Artemis Shower(Serah) Serah FF XIII
Dark Shift(Cid Raines) Cid Raines FF XIII
Seraphic Shift(Cid Raines) Cid Raines FF XIII
Hunting Javelin(Noel) Noel FF XIII
Sunleth Blow(Noel) Noel FF XIII
Destructive Gear(Nabaat) Nabaat FF XIII
Dark Talents(Nabaat) Nabaat FF XIII
Kassatsu(Thancred) Thancred FF XIV
Divine Benison(Y'shtola) Y'shtola FF XIV
Stonega Skin(Y'shtola) Y'shtola FF XIV
Presence of Mind(Y'shtola) Y'shtola FF XIV
Fists of Fire(Yda) Yda FF XIV
Magic Trifecta(Papalymo) Papalymo FF XIV
Sharpcast(Papalymo) Papalymo FF XIV
Divine Veil(Minfilia) Minfilia FF XIV
Familial Pledge(Minfilia) Minfilia FF XIV
Shockwave(Alphinaud) Alphinaud FF XIV
Shining Moonstone(Alphinaud) Alphinaud FF XIV
Reassemble(Cid (XIV)) Cid (XIV) FF XIV
Resolute Will(Haurchefant) Haurchefant FF XIV
Life of the Dragon(Estinien) Estinien FF XIV
Whiteout(Ysayle) Ysayle FF XIV
Vercure(Alisaie) Alisaie FF XIV
Manafication(Alisaie) Alisaie FF XIV
Riddle of Fire(Yda) Yda FF XIV
Royal Guardian(Noctis) Noctis FF XV
Warp Factor(Noctis) Noctis FF XV
Static Edge(Noctis) Noctis FF XV
Link Up(Noctis) Noctis FF XV
Double Charging...(Gladiolus) Gladiolus FF XV
Proud Shield(Gladiolus) Gladiolus FF XV
Trinity Support(Iris) Iris FF XV
Ballistic(Prompto) Prompto FF XV
Spark Rave(Prompto) Prompto FF XV
Blitz Rush(Aranea) Aranea FF XV
Soaring Heights(Aranea) Aranea FF XV
Tactical Sense(Ignis) Ignis FF XV
Immortal Blade(Cor) Cor FF XV
Lucian Might(Cor) Cor FF XV
Oracle's Mission(Lunafreya) Lunafreya FF XV
Implacable Ruler(Ardyn) Ardyn FF XV
Imperial Warrior(Ravus) Ravus FF XV
Mettle(Ramza) Ramza FFT
War Cry Commander(Ramza) Ramza FFT
Requiem for the Meager(Delita) Delita FFT
Meager Ambition(Delita) Delita FFT
Saintly Wave(Ovelia) Ovelia FFT
Princess's Plea(Ovelia) Ovelia FFT
Sword Saint's Honor(Orlandeau) Orlandeau FFT
Sword Saint's Essence(Orlandeau) Orlandeau FFT
Sword Saint's Vigor(Orlandeau) Orlandeau FFT
Sword Saint's Fervor(Orlandeau) Orlandeau FFT
Mercenary's Worth(Gaffgarion) Gaffgarion FFT
Shadowy Stance(Gaffgarion) Gaffgarion FFT
Dark Stance(Gaffgarion) Gaffgarion FFT
Mystic Mantra(Rapha) Rapha FFT
Way of the Khamja(Marach) Marach FFT
Concentration (FFT)(Meliadoul) Meliadoul FFT
First Aid (FFT)(Marche) Marche FFT
Modest Virtue(Marche) Marche FFT
Black Geomancy(Montblanc) Montblanc FFT
Sister's Prayer(Alma) Alma FFT
Celestial Fate(Orran) Orran FFT
Cut Cards(Ace) Ace Type-0
Support Hand(Ace) Ace Type-0
Con Brio(Deuce) Deuce Type-0
Swift Lancer(Nine) Nine Type-0
Saintly Aura(Rem) Rem Type-0
Tenacious Stand(Rem) Rem Type-0
Saintly Magic(Rem) Rem Type-0
Quake Rush(Machina) Machina Type-0
Dual-Wield Flair(Machina) Machina Type-0
Fiendish Impulse(Queen) Queen Type-0
King's Trigger(King) King Type-0
Munitions Charge(King) King Type-0
Grand Slam Swing(Cinque) Cinque Type-0
Icy Moment(Seven) Seven Type-0
Ice Cube(Seven) Seven Type-0
Dark Fog(Sice) Sice Type-0
Black Abyss(Sice) Sice Type-0
Flickering Shadow(Jack) Jack Type-0
Ice Phalanx(Eight) Eight Type-0
Trine Shot(Cater) Cater Type-0
Tricky Reload(Cater) Cater Type-0
Elemental Charge(Cater) Cater Type-0
Tri-Phantoma(Trey) Trey Type-0
Tri-Phantoma II(Trey) Trey Type-0
Following Shot(Trey) Trey Type-0
Valor Form(Sora) Sora KH
Wisdom Form(Sora) Sora KH
Master Form(Sora) Sora KH
Darkhand(Riku) Riku KH
Limit Boost(Roxas) Roxas KH
Fire Wall(Axel) Axel KH
The World's Rules(Enna Kros) Enna Kros Beyond
Soul of Light(Enna Kros) Enna Kros Beyond
Rumor Radar(Serafie) Serafie Beyond
Shining Cheer(Fina) Fina Beyond
Rising Mantle(Rain) Rain Beyond
Knightly Bonds(Lasswell) Lasswell Beyond
Purifying Grimoire(Tyro) Tyro Core Classes
True Sentinel's Grimoire(Tyro) Tyro Core Classes
Royal Sentinel(Dr. Mog) Dr. Mog Core Classes
Aqua Mode(Dr. Mog) Dr. Mog Core Classes
Bubble Mode(Dr. Mog) Dr. Mog Core Classes
Royal Resourcefulness(Dr. Mog) Dr. Mog Core Classes
Magika Pius(Elarra) Elarra Core Classes
Magika Amuletum(Elarra) Elarra Core Classes
Flashy Blow(Biggs) Biggs Core Classes
Agent's Strike(Biggs) Biggs Core Classes
Fairy Stars(Wedge) Wedge Core Classes
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