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Dual Awakening

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Image Name Used by Realm
Awoken Sudden Smite(Wol) Wol FF I
Awoken Moment of Clarity(Master) Master FF I
Awoken Sagittarius LXIV(Maria) Maria FF II
Awoken Seal of Heaven(Minwu) Minwu FF II
Awoken Poison Cloud XVI(Leila) Leila FF II
Awoken Gigantbreak(Guy) Guy FF II
Awoken Prison of Sorrow(Emperor) Emperor FF II
Awoken Battering Heat(Refia) Refia FF III
Awoken Owen's Rage(Desch) Desch FF III
Awoken Dark Crescent(Cecil (Dark Knight)) Cecil (Dark Knight) FF IV
Awoken Radiant Blast(Cecil (Paladin)) Cecil (Paladin) FF IV
Awoken Gungnir(Kain) Kain FF IV
Awoken Lord of the Seas(Rydia) Rydia FF IV
Awoken Mournful Cry(Rydia) Rydia FF IV
Awoken Dark Dungeon(Golbez) Golbez FF IV
Awoken Lunarian Prayer(Fusoya) Fusoya FF IV
Awoken Tri-Disaster(Palom) Palom FF IV
Awoken X Chaser(Cid (IV)) Cid (IV) FF IV
Awoken Fire Exemplar(Rubicante) Rubicante FF IV
Awoken Raging Squall(Barbariccia) Barbariccia FF IV
Awoken Champion of Life(Lenna) Lenna FF V
Awoken Rousing Winds(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Awoken Rousing Earth(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Awoken Gilgamesh Scorching Time(Gilgamesh) Gilgamesh FF V
Awoken Essence of Flame(Faris) Faris FF V
Awoken Cleansing(Krile) Krile FF V
Awoken Trance Fira(Terra) Terra FF VI
Awoken Indomitable Blade(Celes) Celes FF VI
Awoken Bushido Sky(Cyan) Cyan FF VI
Awoken Auto Crossbow(Edgar) Edgar FF VI
Awoken Raging Fist(Sabin) Sabin FF VI
Awoken Twin Mage(Strago) Strago FF VI
Awoken On the Rampage(Gau) Gau FF VI
Awoken Finishing Touch(Cloud) Cloud FF VII
Awoken Meteor Arts(Tifa) Tifa FF VII
Awoken Proud Heritage(Zack) Zack FF VII
Awoken Ungarmax(Barret) Barret FF VII
Awoken Dragon Dive(Cid (VII)) Cid (VII) FF VII
Awoken Turk Light(Reno) Reno FF VII
Awoken Gauntlet(Yuffie) Yuffie FF VII
Awoken Pride and Ambition(Angeal) Angeal FF VII
Awoken Ultimate Grand Spark(Rude) Rude FF VII
Awoken Rookie Turk(Elena) Elena FF VII
Awoken Hail to the Queen(Quistis) Quistis FF VIII
Awoken Burning Rave(Zell) Zell FF VIII
Awoken Carnage Cut(Seifer) Seifer FF VIII
Awoken Time Crush(Edea) Edea FF VIII
Awoken Metsu(Fujin) Fujin FF VIII
Awoken Lightning Raid(Raijin) Raijin FF VIII
Awoken Apocalypse(Ultimecia) Ultimecia FF VIII
Awoken Ramuh(Garnet) Garnet FF IX
Awoken Balefire Pyre(Vivi) Vivi FF IX
Awoken Storm Impulse(Zidane) Zidane FF IX
Awoken Scarlet Elan(Amarant) Amarant FF IX
Awoken Dragon Breath(Freya) Freya FF IX
Awoken Tantalus Break(Marcus) Marcus FF IX
Awoken Rising Dream(Tidus) Tidus FF X
Awoken Grand Summon Overdrive(Yuna) Yuna FF X
Awoken Triple Trick(Lulu) Lulu FF X
Awoken Machina Sabotage(Rikku) Rikku FF X
Awoken Sorrowbane Flame(Braska) Braska FF X
Awoken Liquid Steel(Paine) Paine FF X
Awoken Fang of Gagazet(Kimahri) Kimahri FF X
Awoken Northswain's Glow(Ashe) Ashe FF XII
Awoken Avenger(Gabranth) Gabranth FF XII
Awoken Relentless Drive(Vayne) Vayne FF XII
Awoken Voltaic Slash(Reks) Reks FF XII
Awoken Froststrike(Snow) Snow FF XIII
Awoken Flourish of Steel(Lightning) Lightning FF XIII
Awoken This is Gonna Sting!(Sazh) Sazh FF XIII
Awoken Retributive Blast(Hope) Hope FF XIII
Awoken Whirlwind(Fang) Fang FF XIII
Awoken Seraph's Wing(Cid Raines) Cid Raines FF XIII
Awoken Break Frost(Noel) Noel FF XIII
Awoken Cruelty Gear(Nabaat) Nabaat FF XIII
Awoken Whiteout(Ysayle) Ysayle FF XIV
Awoken Vermage(Alisaie) Alisaie FF XIV
Awoken Warp-strike(Noctis) Noctis FF XV
Awoken Tempest(Gladiolus) Gladiolus FF XV
Awoken Violet Arc(Ravus) Ravus FF XV
Awoken Jackpot Triad(Ace) Ace Type-0
Awoken Cyclone Drive(Machina) Machina Type-0
Awoken Fiendish Judgment(Queen) Queen Type-0
Awoken Hawkeye(King) King Type-0
Awoken Sadistic Spikes(Seven) Seven Type-0
Awoken Grim Reaper(Sice) Sice Type-0
Awoken Transience(Jack) Jack Type-0
Awoken Triple Charged Shot(Cater) Cater Type-0
Awoken Dynamite Arrow(Trey) Trey Type-0
Awoken Wind Rhapsody(Serafie) Serafie Beyond
Awoken Arbiter's Apocrypha(Tyro) Tyro Core Classes
Awoken Boulder Blow(Biggs) Biggs Core Classes
Awoken Trickster(Wedge) Wedge Core Classes
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