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Chain Soul Break

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Chain Soul Break
Chain Soul Breaks increase the power of the party's elemental attacks and abilities of a given element for a fixed amount of time, and create chains of increasing damage when attacks of the chain type are made.

Image Name Used by Realm
Shield of Light(Warrior of Light) Warrior of Light FF I
Crystal Wave(Warrior of Light) Warrior of Light FF I
Bent on Destruction(Garland) Garland FF I
Chain of Chaos(Garland) Garland FF I
Blue Water Magic(Meia) Meia FF I
Dauntless Courage(Josef) Josef FF II
Bond (Firion) Firion FF II
Rebellion's Link(Gordon) Gordon FF II
Earth Bond (Maria) Maria FF II
Holy Bond (Minwu) Minwu FF II
Poison Bond (Leila) Leila FF II
Water Bond (Leila) Leila FF II
Invasion XXXII(Emperor) Emperor FF II
Winds of Possibility(Luneth) Luneth FF III
Bond (Luneth) Luneth FF III
Lightbringers(Arc) Arc FF III
Attested Strength(Ingus) Ingus FF III
Lightning Embodied(Desch) Desch FF III
Unleashed Potential(Onion Knight) Onion Knight FF III
Flood of Darkness(Cloud of Darkness) Cloud of Darkness FF III
Dark Bond (Cecil (Dark Knight))(Cecil (Dark Knight)) Cecil (Dark Knight) FF IV
Chain of Light(Cecil (Paladin)) Cecil (Paladin) FF IV
Benevolent Prayer(Cecil (Paladin)) Cecil (Paladin) FF IV
Bond (Cecil (Paladin))(Cecil (Paladin)) Cecil (Paladin) FF IV
Impulse Drive(Kain) Kain FF IV
Lightning Bond (Kain) Kain FF IV
Water Bond (Rydia) Rydia FF IV
Darkbind Miasma(Golbez) Golbez FF IV
Sage's Stone Ward(Tellah) Tellah FF IV
Lunarian Longing(Fusoya) Fusoya FF IV
Chain of Water(Edge) Edge FF IV
Lightning Bond (Palom) Palom FF IV
Song of Hope(Edward) Edward FF IV
Holy Fellowship(Ceodore) Ceodore FF IV
Searing Flame(Rubicante) Rubicante FF IV
Secret Breeze(Barbariccia) Barbariccia FF IV
Bond (Bartz) Bartz FF V
Immortal Soul(Galuf) Galuf FF V
Historic Splendor(Gilgamesh) Gilgamesh FF V
Eternal Bond(Faris) Faris FF V
Heartening Call(Faris) Faris FF V
Unbroken Chain(Krile) Krile FF V
Dearest Friends(Krile) Krile FF V
Secret Revelation?(Gogo (V)) Gogo (V) FF V
More the Merrier(Celes) Celes FF VI
Atomic Dive(Locke) Locke FF VI
Bond (Locke) Locke FF VI
Courteous Gesture(Edgar) Edgar FF VI
Poison Bond (Edgar) Edgar FF VI
Blue Field(Strago) Strago FF VI
Shape and Shadow(Shadow) Shadow FF VI
Hopeful Reunion(Mog) Mog FF VI
Bond (Cloud) Cloud FF VII
Howling Earth(Red XIII) Red XIII FF VII
Lucky Stars(Zack) Zack FF VII
I'm The Leader Here!(Barret) Barret FF VII
Chain of Thunder(Reno) Reno FF VII
Smoke Shell(Yuffie) Yuffie FF VII
Cerberus Soul(Vincent) Vincent FF VII
Cid in Charge(Cid (VII)) Cid (VII) FF VII
Synaptic Current(Shelke) Shelke FF VII
Chain of Stone(Rude) Rude FF VII
Chain of Fire(Elena) Elena FF VII
Shiva(Rinoa) Rinoa FF VIII
Angel Wing Sublunar(Rinoa) Rinoa FF VIII
Bond (Squall) Squall FF VIII
Bygone Days(Irvine) Irvine FF VIII
Lethal Poison Breath(Quistis) Quistis FF VIII
Savant's Teachings(Quistis) Quistis FF VIII
Fire Bond (Zell) Zell FF VIII
Sorceress Strings(Seifer) Seifer FF VIII
Junction Link(Laguna) Laguna FF VIII
Ice Sorceress(Edea) Edea FF VIII
Shou(Fujin) Fujin FF VIII
Wind Bond (Ultimecia) Ultimecia FF VIII
Resilient Memories(Garnet) Garnet FF IX
Trance Empower Fire(Vivi) Vivi FF IX
Sworn Protector(Steiner) Steiner FF IX
So Happy(Quina) Quina FF IX
Bond (Zidane) Zidane FF IX
Chain of Air(Freya) Freya FF IX
Cloudburst Blessing(Kuja) Kuja FF IX
A Fleeting Dream(Tidus) Tidus FF X
Bond (Tidus) Tidus FF X
Blitz Discipline(Wakka) Wakka FF X
Fanciful Ballad(Yuna) Yuna FF X
Nog Fire(Auron) Auron FF X
Hyper Enwater(Rikku) Rikku FF X
Eternal Dedication(Rikku) Rikku FF X
Cool Holiday(Paine) Paine FF X
Oblivion(Seymour) Seymour FF X
Frightening Lightning(Shantotto) Shantotto FF XI
New Thunder Chain(Shantotto) Shantotto FF XI
Bond (Shantotto) Shantotto FF XI
Dawn Prayer(Curilla) Curilla FF XI
Heroine's Combat(Prishe) Prishe FF XI
Chain of Blizzard(Fran) Fran FF XII
Shatterlink(Fran) Fran FF XII
Prodigal Son(Balthier) Balthier FF XII
Incendiary Trap(Balthier) Balthier FF XII
Wind of Liberation(Vaan) Vaan FF XII
Bond (Vaan) Vaan FF XII
Swordflash Oath(Basch) Basch FF XII
Faith Shield(Basch) Basch FF XII
Ruinous Hatred(Gabranth) Gabranth FF XII
Chain of Dark(Vayne) Vayne FF XII
Frost Geyser(Snow) Snow FF XIII
Bond (Lightning) Lightning FF XIII
Mission Seeker(Sazh) Sazh FF XIII
Enchanted Boomerang(Hope) Hope FF XIII
Devoted Warriors(Fang) Fang FF XIII
Wind Bond (Fang) Fang FF XIII
Etro Fusion(Serah) Serah FF XIII
Dark Bond (Cid Raines) Cid Raines FF XIII
Ice Bond (Noel) Noel FF XIII
Bond (Y'shtola) Y'shtola FF XIV
Scions of the Seventh Dawn(Minfilia) Minfilia FF XIV
Aetherpact(Alphinaud) Alphinaud FF XIV
Pathforger(Alisaie) Alisaie FF XIV
Bond (Noctis) Noctis FF XV
Earth Charge(Gladiolus) Gladiolus FF XV
Custom Starshell(Prompto) Prompto FF XV
Party Shot(Prompto) Prompto FF XV
Regroup(Ignis) Ignis FF XV
Flutegrass Memories(Ramza) Ramza FFT
Heretic Tale(Ramza) Ramza FFT
Beginning of the End(Ace) Ace Type-0
Bond (Ace) Ace Type-0
Might of the l'Cie(Machina) Machina Type-0
Vermilion Field(Machina) Machina Type-0
Sudden Shift(Queen) Queen Type-0
Ice Bond (Seven) Seven Type-0
Bond (Tyro) Tyro Core Classes
Our Historia(Dr. Mog) Dr. Mog Core Classes
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