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Bond (Shantotto)

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Bond (Shantotto)


Effect Instantly activate a FF XI realm chain up to 150 hits long that increases the damage of allies from the FF XI realm a large amount, temporarily raise the Attack and Magic of all allies a moderate amount, reduce delay of their actions for one turn, temporarily grant the user Linked Burst Mode XI, and remove delay from the user's actions for one turn. Does not deplete the Soul Break gauge.
Target -
Soul Gauge 0
Used by Shantotto
Max Rank 10

Chain Soul Break Mechanics

Increases the damage of FINAL FANTASY XI heroes a large amount.
Chain Type

Linked Burst Mode XI

Cause fire, ice, lightning, earth, wind, water, holy, dark, and poison abilities used by FF XI hero allies to trigger the follow-up ability Linked Burst (XI) once per element. The third time Linked Burst (XI) triggers, remove Linked Burst Mode XI.

The Linked Burst (XI) follow-up ability triggers just once for each element that meets the triggering conditions. When multiple abilities of the same element are used, the second and subsequent uses will not trigger the follow-up ability.

Linked Burst (XI)

Temporarily raise the elemental attack levels of all allies by 1.
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