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Arcane Dyad

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Default Soul Break / Shared Soul Break / Unique Soul Break / Super Soul Break / Burst Soul Break / Overstrike Soul Break / Ultra Soul Break / Chain Soul Break / Arcane Overstrike / Glint / Awakening / Sync Soul Break / Limit Break Guardians

Image Name Used by Realm
Holy Chain(Warrior of Light) Warrior of Light FF I
Apex Soul of Chaos(Garland) Garland FF I
Apex Ultima(Minwu) Minwu FF II
Apex Violet Flash(Desch) Desch FF III
Apex Blowback(Onion Knight) Onion Knight FF III
Soul Shift(Cecil (Paladin)) Cecil (Paladin) FF IV
Gaia's Wrath(Rydia) Rydia FF IV
Master of Earth(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Master of Wind(Bartz) Bartz FF V
Riot Blade(Terra) Terra FF VI
Apex Spinning Edge(Celes) Celes FF VI
Apex Mirage Dive(Locke) Locke FF VI
Apex Shadow Fang(Shadow) Shadow FF VI
Omnislash(Cloud) Cloud FF VII
Final Heaven(Tifa) Tifa FF VII
Sunburst(Sephiroth) Sephiroth FF VII
Satan Slam(Vincent) Vincent FF VII
Angel Wing Extreme(Rinoa) Rinoa FF VIII
Lion Heart(Squall) Squall FF VIII
Apex Zantetsuken Reverse(Seifer) Seifer FF VIII
Apex Maelstrom(Ultimecia) Ultimecia FF VIII
Apex Terra Homing(Eiko) Eiko FF IX
Grand Lethal Extreme(Zidane) Zidane FF IX
Seiken(Beatrix) Beatrix FF IX
Apex Blitz Ace(Tidus) Tidus FF X
Mix(Rikku) Rikku FF X
Salvation Scythe(Shantotto) Shantotto FF XI
Apex Skillchain(Ayame) Ayame FF XI
Apex Pyroclasm(Vaan) Vaan FF XII
Apex Heaven's Wrath(Ashe) Ashe FF XII
Frost Sanction(Snow) Snow FF XIII
Zantetsuken(Lightning) Lightning FF XIII
Apex Cold Blood(Sazh) Sazh FF XIII
Spiritual Ray(Y'shtola) Y'shtola FF XIV
Last Disaster(Alphinaud) Alphinaud FF XIV
Steel Pirouette F(Noctis) Noctis FF XV
Dual Master(Gladiolus) Gladiolus FF XV
Apex Highwind(Aranea) Aranea FF XV
Apex Savage Heart Mode(Queen) Queen Type-0
Creator's Whim(Enna Kros) Enna Kros Beyond
Our Fantasy Unbound(Tyro) Tyro Core Classes
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