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Ixion (X)

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Series:FF X

Magicite Effects

Image Name Starting Value Max
Dampen Water Lv 4 Lv 10
Increases the water resistance of all allies.
Defense Boon Lv 5 Lv 15
Increases the Defense of all allies, proportional to combined magicite stats.
Deadly Strikes Lv 4 Lv 8
Increases the critical hit damage of all allies.

Magicite Ultra Skill

Image Name Description
Ultra Thor's Hammer
Deal five magic lightning attacks to all enemies, and temporarily lower their water attack level by 2.

Magicite Skills

Image Name Trigger Rate
(Starting Value)
Trigger Rate
Attack 70% 10%
Deal two physical attacks to one target.
Evade 10% 40%
Grant one ally an elemental barrier that enables them to avoid one water attack.
Aerospark 20% 50%
Deal ranged physical lightning damage to one target and Dispel it.


Starting Value Max
Lv 1 99
HP 240 4367
Attack 8 209
Defense 6 162
Magic 10 255
Resistance 8 197
Mind 7 212
Speed 65 130
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