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Which FINAL FANTASY world would you most like to visit

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Which FINAL FANTASY world would you most like to visit?

Welcome to the comment thread for
"Which FINAL FANTASY world would you most like to visit?"
Tell us the reason why!

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Here is a small selection of responses to the topic.

Name: Kaiyoria
Final Fantasy VII So I could slap Sephiroth and tell him to stop being such a momma's boy lol

Name: Shoukanju
FFVIII, From the bustling Deling City, to the peaceful Fisherman's Horizon and the space-age Esthar City... plenty of sights and sounds to behold! (Having no apocalyptic threat is a plus!)

Name: Summoner Tuna
VIII! I want to enroll in Balamb Garden!

Name: Chin
Eruyt Village (Viera Forest) - FFXII I Love SEXY BUNNY Viera !!

Name: Esh4780
FF7 and live as close to Tifa as possible. <3

Name: Celes
Gaia FF IX. Lindblum and Alexandria are beautiful cities Madain Sari and Black Mage village also seem like awesome places to visist

Name: Sylvia
The VIII it has everything you want in the world of fantasy magic,school, machine,monsters also the way you learn to fight not just a certain characters can learn certain things but every characters can learn it and that's what makes FF VIII special

Name: Rainboy
Farplane in FFX. such an exquisite place, finding something you shouldn't be able to, reminiscing things you should never have.

Name: PhoenixFireeye
I'd go to FFiv and climb Mt Ordeals and become a paladin then fly to the moon in a giant whale.

Name: Kasenji
Ivalice. Rabanastre is the best home town i've ever seen in any video game, hands down, and the rest of the world is just beautiful.

Name: Coronius
I would go to FFVII and spend all my time and Gil at the Gold Saucer, eventually being absorbed Tron-style into the Mog House game where I would spend eternity learning how to fly and mating, kupo!

Name: Mira
Although they are terrorized by Sin, I think Spira is such a beautiful world! The cozy villages, the exciting city of Luca and the breathtaking landscapes are all gorgeous!

Here are some comments from Facebook!

Name: Joshua
Final Fantasy XII!! I'd love to journey across Ivalice in the Strahl.

Name: Martin
Final Fantasy VIII. Magic and Technology at the same time? Sign me up!

Name: Michael
The world of Record Keeper so I can visit them all of course. I may not hang out in some as much but all would be possibilities

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