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What is your favorite piece of FINAL FANTASY music

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What is your favorite piece of FINAL FANTASY music?

Welcome to the comment thread for
"What is your favorite piece of FINAL FANTASY music?"
We're waiting to hear from you!

Here is a small selection of responses to the topic.

Name: SirAdder
Final Fantasy 5 : The Battle Of The Big Bridge Great music and intense during gilgamesh's final encounter.

Name: G
Final Fantasy VII - The Promised Land

Name: Onebreath
TO ZANARKAND! FFX I even had it playing in the background as I proposed to my wife

Name: karlossy
You are not alone - final fantasy IX

Name: Coronius
Has to be Celes' theme/Opera music from FFVI (Aria de Mezzo Caraterre): Love goes away, Like night into day, It's just a fading dream It was such an original quest and a very cinematic sequence, I'd never experienced anything like it in an RPG to that point.

Name: Finster Ritter
This is hard, considering Final Fantasy games in general have some of (if not the) best soundtracks in video games. That said, I have to go with "To Zanarkand." Its just such a strong emotional piece. Honorable mentions: Terra's Theme, Castle Pandaemonium, Cosmo Canyon, Sunleth Waterscape

Name: Hastega
Final Fantasy III has some of the BEST soundtracks: Boundless Ocean Pavilion of Doga & Unei Eternal Wind Dark Crystal...

Name: Gorem
Final Fantasy 5 ending, will always be the best!

Name: Batman
I'd say the single best one is the main theme.(the one that plays during prologues and endings).It's the most memorable and epic music in all of final fantasy.

Name: Josef
Final Fantasy II: The Rebel Army. It's good as 8 bit, good as 16 bit, good as 32 bit, good as 3D, and it's so good they made an orchestra version medley and it's really good too!

Name: Shadow
FF4 Boss Battle Theme. Probably the best boss theme I've ever listened to!

Name: Yay!
FF1 - Boss Battle A
FF2 - Final Boss Theme
FF3 - Eternal Wind
FF4 - Battle with the Four Fiends <3
FF5 - The Final Battle
FF6 - Save them
FF7 - Still More Fighting
FF8 - Premonition
FF9 - Boss Battle Theme
FF10 - Someday the dream will end
FF13 - Blinded by light

Here are some comments from Facebook!

Name: Noel
Anything and everything from Final Fantasy IX.

Name: Bul
The Succession of Witches from Final Fantasy VIII

Name: Brandon
Really liking Lightning theme from Final Fantasy XIII

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