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What is the most memorable scene

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What's the most memorable FINAL FANTASY scene?

Welcome to the comment thread for
"What's the most memorable FINAL FANTASY scene?"
We're waiting to hear from you!

Tell us what kind of feelings that scene conjures up for you!

Here is a small selection of responses to the topic.

Name: Chin
FF IX: Vivi crying for the Black Mage dolls killed by Black Waltz on the airship.

Name: Guest
Memorable moment? The ending of the FF XIII trilogy.

Name: Nekokyonshi
FF IX: I'll always love Zidane's scene in Pandemonium accompanied by the lovely "You're Not Alone". :)

Name: Vrana
FF VI when Kefka became a god and ruled the world. The most badass villain in all FF series.

Name: Menarus
FF VII: Fighting Midgar Zolom for the first time, struggling hardheadedly to beat him, then discovering that Sephiroth had just tossed him onto a tree.

Name: Nolet Trant
FFIV, when Palom and Porom save everyone by sacrificing themselves in Baron Castle and turning to statues. The emotion of trying to bring them back...

Name: Marius
Lots of good entries. But seriously...
FF VI: The most awesomesauce moment was when Sabin suplexed the Phantom Train.

Name: Frenchfraise
FF V: When Galuf sacrifices himself .

Name: Leonhart
FF VIII - Squall saving Rinoa in space, and the Sorceress Memorial.
FF X: Reaching Zanarkand for the first time, and the attack on Bevelle.

Name: Fansince1987
FF I: The first time I beat the game.

Name: JessicaKupo
FF VIII: Favorite game! Rinoa floating in space. One of the most emotional scenes I've ever witnessed in a game. Also loved the ending when the credits are rolling and it looks like someone is recording a party at Balamb Garden! So cute, showcased all the characters personalities really well.

Here are some comments from Facebook!

Name: Rodrigo
The opera sequence in FFVI is the best!

Name: Tony
The end scene in FFVIII when Laguna visits Raine's gravestone

Name: Riley
FF II: Firion being tricked by the Lamia Queen! XD

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