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Challenge Events

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Conquer Taharka
Conquer the Hill Gigas
Not Alone
Conquer Ifrit
Conquer Lord Ochu
From Darkest Dreams
Breaking the Chains of Sorrow
Conquer the Aerouge
1st Flight - Bahamut
2nd Flight - Kain
3rd Flight - Norg
4th Flight - Xande
Conquer Isgebind
Conquer the Imperial Arsenal
March of the Archons
Dragonlord of Fate
Dragonlord of Magic
Hall of Black Magic, Lightning, & Ice
Hall of Darkness, Wind, & Fire
Hall of Might, Earth, & Holy
Hall of Weapons & Armor
Hall of White Magic, Non-Elemental, & Summoning
Dragonlord of Visions
Dragonlord of Infinity
Conquer Omega
Dragonlord of Protection
Golden Gift Dungeons
Bomb Brigade
Conquer Long Gui
World of Grymoire
Conquer the Mindflayer
Fishing, Naturally
Conquer Arachne
King In Waiting
Conquer Borghen
Corridor of Trials
1st Flight - Dullahan
2nd Flight - Rufus
3rd Flight - Supersoldier Akkad
4th Flight - The Archfiends
The Haunted Seven!
Conquer Gottos
In the Name of the Wild Rose
Conquer the Dragon Pod and Dragon Flowers
Scouring the Depths
Conquer Manticore
For Love of Peace
Conquer Tiamat Eliminator
Crossroad Beyond Time
Conquer the Mutantomato
Spark in the Void
Conquer Geryon
Corridor of Trials
Conquer the Jumbo Flan
Conquer the Plague Horror
Pawns of Evil
Cruelest Heretic
1st Flight - Catastrophe
2nd Flight - Seymour Omnis
3rd Flight - Firemane
4th Flight - The Seeker
Autumn Gift Dungeon
Autumn Skies
Pharos at Ridorana
Conquer the Fat Moogle
As the Sky Falls
Conquer the Archaeosaur
Conquer Elvoret
The Words That Started It All
Conquer Helgenish
Conquer the Brigands
Crossing Paths
Conquer the Demon
Iron Will, Iron Fists
Conquer Anguiform
Conquer the Kaiser Dragon
Maniacal Clown
Corridor of Trials
1st Flight - Sacred & Minotaur
2nd Flight - Lettie & Celia
3rd Flight - Zorn & Thorn
4th Flight - The Magus Sisters
Unparalleled Darkness
Enigmatic Orb
Hall of Transcendence
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