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Conquer the Flame Eater
Elemental Proving Grounds
Conquer Djinn
1st Flight - Kraken
2nd Flight - Nix
3rd Flight - Magitek Armor
4th Flight - White Dragon
Conquer Tyrant
Conquer the Lich
Ray of Hope, Path of Darkness
Conquer the Flans
Dreams - Etém
Of Wood and Sky
Conquer Godo
The Planet Trembles
Conquer Rapps
Dreams - Genesis
For Former Glory
Gift Dungeon
Hall of Arcana
Hall of Black Magic, Lightning, & Ice
Hall of Darkness, Wind, & Fire
Hall of Might, Earth, & Holy
Hall of Weapons & Armor
Hall of White Magic, Non-Elemental, & Summoning
Ironclad Enmity
Turning Point Record
Conquer Blademaster Gilgamesh
Shield of the King
Conquer the Bandersnatch
Dreams - Humbaba
Shield of the Past
Conquer Ultima Weapon
In the Name of the Wild Rose
Conquer Tyrant
1st Flight - Remnants
2nd Flight - Leblanc, Ormi, & Logos
3rd Flight - Alte Roite
4th Flight - Blue Dragon
Better Days Gone By
Conquer the Roundworm
Dreams - Imperial Shadow
Conquer the Silver Dragon
Conquer Elvoret
Conquer Ifrit
The Words That Started It All
Conquer Bahamut
Hometown Girl
Conquer Tiamat
Prophecy of Hope
Breaking the Chains of Time
Conquer Astos
Dreams - Dragon Zombie
Conquer the Malboros
Maniacal Clown
Conquer the Tentacles
Dreams - Siegfried
Hidden Treasure Hunter
Conquer Gilgamesh
1st Flight - Bahamut
2nd Flight - The Guardian
3rd Flight - The Soulcage
4th Flight - Bahamut
Conquer Barthandelus
Spark in the Void
Elemental Proving Grounds
Conquer the Manasvin Warmech
The Last Tear
Conquer Vajra
Dreams - Supersoldier Akkad
Conquer the Kraken
Adventurous Spirit
Conquer the Fork Tower Guardians
Conquer Magissa & Forza
Dreams - Enkidu
In Praise of Love
Conquer Baralai
Dream Meets Despair
Broken Horn, Unbroken Spirit
Conquer ????
Conquer Shiva
1st Flight - The Abductor
2nd Flight - Zalera
3rd Flight - The Dreadnought
4th Flight - Vossler
Merciless Weapon
Between Dimensions
Fury's Roar
Cruelest Heretic
Unparalleled Darkness
Enigmatic Orb
Hall of Transcendence
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