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Image Soul Break Equipment Realm Character
Timeless Sword (Beyond)
Swift Chain(Morrow)
Beyond Morrow
Sevens Sword (Beyond)
Chrono Break(Morrow)
Beyond Morrow
Gae Bolg (Beyond)
Force Blaster(Wrieg)
Beyond Wrieg
Heimdall's Lance (Beyond)
Impact Leap(Wrieg)
Beyond Wrieg
Yellow Alpha Arm (Beyond)
Mega Mirage Zantetsuken(Lann)
Beyond Lann
Prism Rod (Beyond)
Photon Barrage(Aemo)
Beyond Aemo
Misty Rod (Beyond)
Beyond Aemo
Faerie Tail (Beyond)
World Parade(Tama)
Beyond Tama
Fritt Mirage (Beyond)
Channel Element: Fire(Lann)
Beyond Lann
Bablizz Mirage (Beyond)
Channel Element: Ice(Reynn)
Beyond Reynn
Surge Mishiva (Beyond)
Double Mirage(Reynn)
Beyond Reynn
Surge Affrite (Beyond)
Atomic Impact(Lann)
Beyond Lann
Babyhemoth Mirage (Beyond)
Worldbreaker(Enna Kros)
Beyond Enna Kros
Chocochick Mirage (Beyond)
Break Time(Enna Kros)
Beyond Enna Kros
Copper Gnome Mirage (Beyond)
The World's Rules(Enna Kros)
Beyond Enna Kros
Elheim's Barette (Beyond)
Angel Feathers(Aemo)
Beyond Aemo
Princess's Crown (Beyond)
Petal Pummel(Tama)
Beyond Tama
Farna Coat (Beyond)
Revenge Blast(Lann)
Beyond Lann
Farna Dress (Beyond)
Ramuh Transfiguration(Reynn)
Beyond Reynn
Roksanne's Coat (Beyond)
Creator's Judgment(Enna Kros)
Beyond Enna Kros
Agart Glove (Beyond)
Divine Knight(Morrow)
Beyond Morrow
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