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Twilight Steel (X)

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Twilight Steel (X)

Rarity: Rarity 5
Type: Sword


Starting Value Max
Attack 108 160 169
Accuracy 95 95 95

Bonus Effect

Adds Soul Break to Tidus.
Adds small chance to Blind.

Soul Break

Sonic Strike(Tidus) - Tidus (Unique)

Effect Instantly deal ten ranged physical water and non-elemental attacks to one enemy, temporarily raise the user's Attack a moderate amount and Defense a small amount, remove delay from the user's actions for one turn, and grant Haste and Burst Mode to the user.
Target Single
Soul Gauge 2
Used by Tidus

*Damage values and effects may differ from those shown.
*There may be equipment, abilities, and Wardrobe Records used in videos that require completion of certain dungeons or Record Spheres in order to be used.
*There may be HP changes made, or debuffs applied to enemies and allies.
*Regarding Soul Breaks whose effects differ based on the usage of certain abilities or added effects, certain abilities or Soul Breaks may have been used in advance.
*Effects shown in videos may come from Record Materia, Legend Materia, or equipment.
*For certain Soul Breaks that grant Brave Mode, videos show Brave Mode beginning at Level 1, but in-game it will begin at Level 2.

Other Soul Break videos can be viewed from the Soul Break Video List

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