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Riot Rifle (VII)

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Riot Rifle (VII)

Rarity: Rarity 5
Type: Gun


Starting Value Max
Attack 95 144 153
Accuracy 95 95 95

Bonus Effect

Adds Soul Break to Rufus.
Ranged weapon.

Soul Break

President's Scorn(Rufus) - Rufus (Unique)

Effect Deal eight ranged physical dark and non-elemental attacks to all targets, temporarily lower their dark resistance level by 2, and grant Haste and Burst Mode to the user. Deals more damage to fewer targets.
Target All
Soul Gauge 2
Used by Rufus

*Damage values and effects may differ from those shown.
*There may be equipment, abilities, and Wardrobe Records used in videos that require completion of certain dungeons or Record Spheres in order to be used.
*There may be HP changes made, or debuffs applied to enemies and allies.
*Regarding Soul Breaks whose effects differ based on the usage of certain abilities or added effects, certain abilities or Soul Breaks may have been used in advance.
*Effects shown in videos may come from Record Materia, Legend Materia, or equipment.
*For certain Soul Breaks that grant Brave Mode, videos show Brave Mode beginning at Level 1, but in-game it will begin at Level 2.

Other Soul Break videos can be viewed from the Soul Break Video List

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