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Submerged Ruins(Elite)

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Submerged Ruins(Elite)

After discovering the Submerged Ruins from the airship, Tidus is determined to exact vengeance on the creature that attacked him before. Together with Wakka and the rest of the party, he dives down to locate the lair of Geosgaeno.

Difficulty: 147
Realm: FF X

Unlocked by Completing:

Complete to Unlock:


Completion Reward

First Time Completion Major Black Orb × 7
Major Ice Orb × 7
Mythril × 1
Completion Reward Gil × 72000
Mastery Reward Major Ice Orb × 7
3★ Vitality Mote × 20


Open Sea
Stamina: 20
Enemies Piranha
Sahagin Chief

Underwater Hall
Stamina: 20
Enemies Piranha
Sahagin Chief

Boss Battle

Underwater Hall (Adrift)
Stamina: 21
BOSS Geosgaeno

Target Score
Condition Lower Geosgaeno's Attack.
Lower Geosgaeno's Defense.
Exploit Geosgaeno's weakness to lightning.
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