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The Pharos at Ridorana - First Ascent, Part 1(Elite)

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The Pharos at Ridorana - First Ascent, Part 1(Elite)

The party seeks out a tower on a distant shore where the Sun-cryst is said to lie. Believing the Pharos at Ridorana to be the tower in question, they disembark at the remote island where it stands.

Difficulty: 128
Realm: FF XII

Complete to Unlock:


Completion Reward

First Time Completion Major Power Orb × 5
Major Dark Orb × 5
Mythril × 1
Completion Reward Gil × 72000
Mastery Reward Major Wind Orb × 5
Stamina Shard × 1


The Wellspring
Stamina: 20
Enemies Mom Bomb
Mythril Golem

Boss Battle

They Who Thirst Not
Stamina: 21
BOSS Hydro

Target Score
Condition Lower Hydro's Attack.
Exploit Hydro's weakness to holy attacks.
Afflict Hydro with Slow.
Dunes of Profaning Wind
Stamina: 21
Target Score
Condition Lower Pandaemonium's Attack.
Exploit Pandaemonium's weakness to wind attacks.
Defeat Pandaemonium without using earth attacks.
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