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Luca - No. 2-3 Docks(Elite)

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Luca - No. 2-3 Docks(Elite)

Rikku and Paine pursue Yuna's imposter, but are instead cornered by Ormi and Logos. Just then the real Yuna joins the fray, twin pistols at the ready.

Difficulty: 83
Realm: FF X-2

Unlocked by Completing:

Complete to Unlock:


Completion Reward

First Time Completion Greater Power Orb × 8
Major Black Orb × 1
Mythril × 1
Completion Reward Gil × 52000
Mastery Reward Major Ice Orb × 1
Greater Dark Orb × 8


Luca-No. 2 Dock
Stamina: 15
Enemies Goon
Machina Ranger

Boss Battle

Luca-No. 3 Dock, Part 1
Stamina: 16
Target Score
Condition Defeat Ormi and Logos without being KO'd.
Luca-No. 3 Dock, Part 2
Stamina: 16
BOSS Leblanc

Target Score
Condition Defeat Leblanc without being KO'd.
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