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Name World Difficulty
North Mines(Elite) FF VI 43
Abandoned Mineshaft(Elite) FF VI 46
Figaro Castle(Elite) FF VI 48
Mt. Kolts(Elite) FF VI 51
Imperial Camp(Elite) FF VI 54
South Figaro Cave(Elite) FF VI 58
Phantom Train(Elite) FF VI 23
Esper Valley(Elite) FF VI 25
Zozo(Elite) FF VI 26
Opera House(Elite) FF VI 28
Magitek Factory(Elite) FF VI 30
Vector(Elite) FF VI 32
Thamasa(Elite) FF VI 34
Esper Caves(Elite) FF VI 37
Airship(Elite) FF VI 38
Floating Continent 1(Elite) FF VI 40
Floating Continent 2(Elite) FF VI 41
Solitary Island(Elite) FF VI 58
Mobliz(Elite) FF VI 60
Figaro Castle 2(Elite) FF VI 63
Darill's Tomb(Elite) FF VI 67
Falcon(Elite) FF VI 93
Mt. Zozo(Elite) FF VI 96
Cave on the Veldt(Elite) FF VI 99
Owzer's Mansion(Elite) FF VI 122
Cultists' Tower, Part 1(Elite) FF VI 128
Cultists' Tower, Part 2(Elite) FF VI 115
Phoenix Cave(Elite) FF VI 120
Narshe, Part 1(Elite) FF VI 108
Narshe, Part 2(Elite) FF VI 111
Yeti's Cave(Elite) FF VI 115
Opera House, Part 2(Elite) FF VI 116
Ancient Castle(Elite) FF VI 122
Dreamscape, Part 1(Elite) FF VI 133
Dreamscape, Part 2(Elite) FF VI 141
Ebot's Rock(Elite) FF VI 110
Mobliz, Part 2(Elite) FF VI 113
Kefka's Tower, Part 1(Elite) FF VI 133
Kefka's Tower, Part 2(Elite) FF VI 141
Kefka's Tower, Part 3(Elite) FF VI 120
Kefka's Tower, Part 4(Elite) FF VI 127
Kefka's Tower, Part 5(Elite) FF VI 167
Kefka's Tower, Part 6(Elite) FF VI 178
Kefka's Tower, Part 7(Elite) FF VI 187
Kefka's Tower, Part 8(Elite) FF VI 194
Kefka's Tower, Part 9(Elite) FF VI 210
Kefka's Tower, Part 10(Elite) FF VI 220
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