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Name World Difficulty
Orbonne Monastery(Elite) FF Tactics 43
Magick City of Gariland(Elite) FF Tactics 47
Mandalia Plain(Elite) FF Tactics 43
Dorter Slums(Elite) FF Tactics 47
The Sand Rat's Sietch(Elite) FF Tactics 54
Brigands' Den(Elite) FF Tactics 62
Lenalian Plateau(Elite) FF Tactics 71
Windflat Mill(Elite) FF Tactics 79
Ziekden Fortress(Elite) FF Tactics 88
Merchant City of Dorter(Elite) FF Tactics 96
Zeirchele Falls(Elite) FF Tactics 105
The Castled City of Zaland(Elite) FF Tactics 113
Goug Lowtown(Elite) FF Tactics 121
Golgollada Gallows(Elite) FF Tactics 130
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