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Pandemonium, Part 1(Elite)

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Pandemonium, Part 1(Elite)

Zidane learns his true nature and attempts to defy Garland, but is brainwashed. Even as he loses his grip on himself, he is awakened by the sound of voices--his friends have found him!

Difficulty: 111
Realm: FF IX

Unlocked by Completing:

Complete to Unlock:


Completion Reward

First Time Completion Major Black Orb × 4
Mythril × 1
Zidane Memory Crystal II × 1
Completion Reward Gil × 72000
Mastery Reward Major Power Orb × 4
Major Earth Orb × 4

Boss Battle

Pandemonium - Hall, Part 1
Stamina: 21
BOSS Amdusias

Target Score
Condition Defeat Amdusias without being KO'd.
Exploit Amdusias's weakness to wind.
Lower Amdusias's Attack.
Pandemonium - Hall, Part 2
Stamina: 21
BOSS Abaddon

Target Score
Condition Defeat Abaddon without being KO'd.
Defeat Abaddon without using earth attacks.
Exploit Abaddon's weakness to wind.
Pandemonium - Hall, Part 3
Stamina: 21
Target Score
Condition Defeat the Shell Dragon without being KO'd.
Exploit the Shell Dragon's weakness to ice.
Lower the Shell Dragon's Magic.
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