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Mako Reactor No. 5(Elite)

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Mako Reactor No. 5(Elite)

Zack has infiltrated a hidden research lab belonging to Hollander, an ex-Shinra scientist working with Genesis. Zack gives chase as Hollander tries to escape, but is stopped in his tracks by three Machines.

Difficulty: 108
Realm: Crisis Core: FF VII

Unlocked by Completing:

Complete to Unlock:


Completion Reward

First Time Completion Major Black Orb × 2
Major Earth Orb × 2
Mythril × 1
Completion Reward Gil × 72000
Mastery Reward Major Summon Orb × 2
Major Non-Elemental Orb × 2


Mako Reactor No. 5, Part 1
Stamina: 19
Enemies Red Saucer

Mako Reactor No. 5, Part 2
Stamina: 19
Enemies Red Saucer

Boss Battle

Plate Interior - Outer Section
Target Score
Condition Lower an enemy's Attack.
Lower an enemy's Defense.
Lower an enemy's Resistance.
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