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Beadeaux, Part 1(Classic)

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Beadeaux, Part 1(Classic)

The adventurers are tasked by the Archduke of Jeuno to retrieve magicite, the key to resurrecting the Shadow Lord, from three beastmen strongholds.

Difficulty: 74
Realm: FF XI

Unlocked by Completing:

Complete to Unlock:

Complete with Champion Grade Beadeaux, Part 1(Elite)

Completion Reward

First Time Completion Greater Black Orb × 6
Mythril × 1
Completion Reward Gil × 46000
Mastery Reward Greater Wind Orb × 6
Greater Growth Egg × 3


Beadeaux, Part 1 - Stronghold
Stamina: 11
Enemies Treant

Beadeaux, Part 1 - High Ground
Stamina: 11
Enemies Treant

Boss Battle

Beadeaux, Part 1 - Quadav General
Stamina: 12
Enemies Treant

Target Score
Condition Defeat the De'Vyu Headhunter without being KO'd.
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