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Djose Temple, Part 2(Classic)

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Djose Temple, Part 2(Classic)

Yuna and her companions visit Djose Temple and attempt to disable an Experiment after the Machine Faction of the Al Bhed modify and lose control of it.

Difficulty: 99
Realm: FF X-2

Unlocked by Completing:

Complete to Unlock:

Complete with Champion Grade Djose Temple, Part 2(Elite)

Completion Reward

First Time Completion Mythril × 1
Stamina Shard × 1
3★ Bravery Mote × 20
Completion Reward Gil × 54000
Mastery Reward Major Summon Orb × 1
Greater Growth Egg × 3

Boss Battle

Djose Temple, Part 2
Stamina: 16
BOSS Experiment

Target Score
Condition Finish the battle with 3 or more heroes not KO'd.
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