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Name World Difficulty
Wind Shrine(Classic) FF V 6
Torna Canal(Classic) FF V 7
Ship Graveyard(Classic) FF V 8
North Mountain(Classic) FF V 9
Castle Walse(Classic) FF V 39
Tower of Walse(Classic) FF V 39
Karnak Castle(Classic) FF V 40
Library of the Ancients(Classic) FF V 41
Desert of Shifting Sands(Classic) FF V 69
Catapult(Classic) FF V 70
Tycoon Meteorite(Classic) FF V 76
Ronka Ruins, Part 1(Classic) FF V 77
Ronka Ruins, Part 2(Classic) FF V 79
Walse Meteorite(Classic) FF V 80
Karnak Meteorite(Classic) FF V 81
Gohn Meteorite(Classic) FF V 81
Castle Exdeath(Classic) FF V 81
Big Bridge(Classic) FF V 84
Underground Waterway(Classic) FF V 83
Castle of Bal(Classic) FF V 83
Drakenvale(Classic) FF V 85
Xezat's Fleet(Classic) FF V 86
Barrier Tower(Classic) FF V 87
Great Forest of Moore(Classic) FF V 87
Castle Exdeath, Part 2(Classic) FF V 93
Castle Exdeath, Part 3(Classic) FF V 95
Castle Exdeath, Part 4(Classic) FF V 97
Death Valley(Classic) FF V 92
Pyramid(Classic) FF V 93
Guardian Tree(Classic) FF V 95
Island Shrine(Classic) FF V 96
White Fork Tower(Classic) FF V 97
Black Fork Tower(Classic) FF V 98
Great Sea Trench(Classic) FF V 95
Istory Falls(Classic) FF V 98
Castle of Bal - Dungeon(Classic) FF V 98
North Mountain, Part 2(Classic) FF V 101
Kuza(Classic) FF V 96
Sunken Tower of Walse(Classic) FF V 99
Between Dimensions, Part 1(Classic) FF V 95
Between Dimensions, Part 2(Classic) FF V 97
Dimension Castle, Part 1(Classic) FF V 94
Dimension Castle, Part 2(Classic) FF V 95
Dimension Castle, Part 3(Classic) FF V 96
Dimension Castle, Part 4(Classic) FF V 98
Dimension Castle, Part 5(Classic) FF V 99
Last Floor, Part 1(Classic) FF V 97
Last Floor, Part 2(Classic) FF V 99
Last Floor, Part 3(Classic) FF V 99
Last Floor, Part 4(Classic) FF V 99
Last Floor, Part 5(Classic) FF V 99
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