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Riovanes Castle - Keep(Classic)

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Riovanes Castle - Keep(Classic)

Ramza enters the castle, and is shocked to find the interior littered with the corpses of knights. He then encounters Wiegraf, who leaps to the attack, forcing Ramza to draw steel.

Difficulty: 99
Realm: FF Tactics

Unlocked by Completing:

Complete to Unlock:

Complete with Champion Grade Riovanes Castle - Keep(Elite)

Completion Reward

First Time Completion Mythril × 1
Stamina Shard × 1
3★ Bravery Mote × 20
Completion Reward Gil × 54000
Mastery Reward Large Adamantite × 3
Major Lightning Orb × 1

Boss Battle

Riovanes Castle - Keep, Part 1
Stamina: 16
BOSS Wiegraf

Target Score
Condition Defeat Wiegraf without being KO'd.
Riovanes Castle - Keep, Part 2
Stamina: 16
Target Score
Condition Defeat Belias, the Gigas without being KO'd.
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