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A young woman admitted to Class Zero along with Machina. Rem is kind to everyone she meets, but she has an incurable childhood illness she hides from even her closest friends.

World: Type-0
Agito Cadet


Master of Magic
Wields rods and staves. A master of a variety of arcane arts, able to use rare black magic, white magic, and summon magic.

Recruitment Method

Akademeia(Elite) Mastery Reward

Memory Crystal

Memory Crystal II


Starting Value Lv 99
HP 160 5199
Attack 8 148
Defense 6 108
Magic 11 203
Resistance 8 148
Mind 12 211
Accuracy 20 25
Evasion 20 25
Speed 103 166

Soul Break

Soul Break Effect
Siphon (Type-0)(Rem) Restore one ability use to the user's ability with the fewest remaining uses.

Super Soul Break Equipment (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Dancing Daggers (Type-0) Undying Wish(Rem) Mind +10

Burst Soul Break Equipment (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Rem's Guise (Type-0) Siphon Delta(Rem) Mind +10
Burst Mode Abilities
Manalchemy Drain
Deal four white magic holy and dark attacks to one enemy, and restore a moderate amount of HP to the user.
Manalchemy Barrier
Grant the user a Magic Barrier, enabling them to avoid one magic attack, and increase the damage of the user's white magic abilities a small amount for three turns. Effective against most magic attacks.

Overstrike Soul Break Equipment (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Ogrenyxes (Type-0) Cleansing Flame(Rem) Mind +10

Ultra Soul Break (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Argentic Daggers (Type-0) Manalchemy(Rem) Mind +10
Butterfly Edge (Type-0) Live Another Day(Rem) Mind +10

Arcane Overstrike (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Parrying Daggers (Type-0) Saintly Dagger Toss(Rem) Mind +10

Glint (Unique)

Awakening (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Survival Edges (Type-0) Seraphim Strike(Rem) Mind +10
Awoken Mode
Awoken Holy Mode
Awoken Mode Effects
Grant unlimited use of holy abilities, grant up to a moderate Holy Ability Boost, and cause holy abilities used by the user to trigger twice.

Sync (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Mythril Daggers (Type-0) Saintly Huntcraft(Rem) -
Dagger Dia
Deal six white magic holy and non-elemental attacks to one enemy.
Sync Requirements
Holy Ability
Spell Conversion
Deal three white magic holy and non-elemental attacks to one enemy, and reduce delay of the user's actions for one turn.
Sync Requirements
Holy Ability

Limit Break Overstrikes (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Zwillblades (Type-0) Saintly Dagger Boomerang(Rem) -

Record Materia

Gain a small amount of Mind when a dagger is equipped.
Deal significantly more white magic damage.
Deal much more white magic damage.

Legend Materia

Increase holy damage a small amount.
Moderate chance for white magic abilities to trigger twice.
Increase the user's Mind up to a moderate amount, proportional to the number of white magic abilities the user has triggered.
High chance to trigger Saint's Fire when using holy abilities, dealing white magic holy, fire, and non-elemental damage to one enemy.
Begin battle temporarily infused with the power of holy light.

Useable Equipment


Useable Ability

Black Magic
(Rarity 5)
White Magic
(Rarity 5)
(Rarity 5)
(Rarity 4)

Record Spheres / Legend Sphere

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Record Board

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