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An athletic young man with a strong sense of justice. Eight despises weapons that trivialize the lives they take, instead opting to fight with his own fists and feet. He never misses a chance to improve his physical prowess, carrying out his training with quiet determination.

World: Type-0
Agito Cadet


Physical Attack
Wields fist weapons and daggers. Can use rare monk abilities, enhancing his fighting prowess.

Recruitment Method

Rilochy Invasion (+)(Classic) First Time Reward

Memory Crystal

Capital in the Crosshairs (+)(Classic) First Time Reward
Hall of Rites

Memory Crystal II

Hulking Magitek (Ultimate)(Classic) First Time Reward
Hall of Rites

Memory Crystal III

Hall of Rites


Starting Value Lv 99
HP 202 6557
Attack 11 203
Defense 8 136
Magic 7 120
Resistance 8 133
Mind 8 149
Accuracy 20 25
Evasion 24 30
Speed 116 188

Soul Break

Soul Break Effect
Backfist Blow(Eight) Deal physical damage to one enemy, ignoring Defense.

Burst Soul Break Equipment (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Eight's Akademeia Uniform (Type-0) Glacial Phantasm(Eight) Attack +10
Burst Mode Abilities
Apex Strike
Deal four physical ice and non-elemental attacks to one enemy, with a 100% critical hit chance if the user has Mirror Image.
Umbral Frost
Deal two physical ice and non-elemental attacks to one enemy, and grant Mirror Image to the user, enabling them to avoid one physical attack. Reduced delay before hitting.

Ultra Soul Break (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Killer Knuckles (Type-0) Icebound Stance(Eight) Attack +10

Arcane Overstrike (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Heavy Knuckles (Type-0) Ice Render Combo(Eight) Attack +10

Glint (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Power Sash (Type-0) Ice Phalanx(Eight) Attack +10

Awakening (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Platinum Knuckles (Type-0) Icebound Billow(Eight) Attack +10
Awoken Mode
Awoken Monk Mode
Awoken Mode Effects
Grant unlimited use of monk abilities, grant up to a moderate Monk Ability Boost, and cause monk abilities used by the user to trigger twice.

Record Materia

Begin battle with Haste.
Small chance for monk abilities to trigger twice.
Deal much more damage with monk abilities.

Legend Materia

Deal slightly more damage with monk abilities.
When low on HP, restore HP to the user and enter Back to the Wall Mode, temporarily raising the user's Attack a large amount, causing their monk abilities to reduce delay of their actions, and Interrupting the user when the effect ends. Can only trigger once per battle.
Begin battle temporarily infused with the power of ice.

Useable Equipment


Useable Ability

Black Magic
(Rarity 3)
White Magic
(Rarity 3)
(Rarity 5)
(Rarity 5)
(Rarity 5)

Record Spheres / Legend Sphere

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