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The only woman in the Mythril Musketeers, Ayame joined as its youngest member, and the only samurai in the Musketeers' ranks. Though young, she carries herself with confidence, and is often entrusted to carry out critical missions.

World: FF XI
Mythril Musketeer


Physical Attack
Wields katanas and swords. Can use rare samurai abilities, countering enemy attacks or afflicting them with punishing debuffs.

Recruitment Method

Inner Horutoto Ruins(Classic) First Time Reward
Class is in Session(Classic) First Time Reward

Memory Crystal

Waughroon Shrine(Elite) First Time Reward
THIS is My Opponent?(Classic) First Time Reward
Hall of Rites

Memory Crystal II

Atop the Highest Mountains(Classic) Mastery Reward
My Regards (+)(Classic) First Time Reward
Hall of Rites

Memory Crystal III

Hall of Rites


Starting Value Lv 99
HP 206 6705
Attack 12 211
Defense 10 176
Magic 7 120
Resistance 7 123
Mind 8 132
Accuracy 20 25
Evasion 20 25
Speed 83 134

Soul Break

Soul Break Effect
Tachi Enpi(Ayame) Deal two physical attacks to one enemy.

Super Soul Break Equipment (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Ochiudo's Kote (XI) Tachi Jinpu(Ayame) Attack +10

Burst Soul Break Equipment (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Soboro Sukehiro (XI) Meikyo Shisui(Ayame) Attack +10
Burst Mode Abilities
Chillfang Blade
Deal four physical ice and non-elemental attacks to one enemy. Reduced delay before hitting.
Icewyrm Blade
Deal two physical ice and non-elemental attacks to all enemies, temporarily lower the user's Defense, and raise the user's Attack a moderate amount.

Overstrike Soul Break Equipment (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Kiku-Ichimonji (XI) Ancestral Blade(Ayame) Attack +10

Ultra Soul Break (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Zanbato (XI) Hagakure Yukikaze(Ayame) Attack +10

Arcane Overstrike (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Myochin Kabuto (XI) Tachi: Ageha Cho(Ayame) Attack +10

Glint (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Daihannya (XI) Overwhelm(Ayame) Attack +10
Kazaridachi (XI) Ikishoten(Ayame) Attack +10

Awakening (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Kumokirimaru (XI) Shin-Setsugekka(Ayame) Attack +10
Awoken Mode
Awoken Samurai Mode
Awoken Mode Effects
Grant unlimited use of samurai abilities, grant up to a moderate Samurai Ability Boost, and cause samurai abilities used by the user to trigger twice.

Sync (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Kosetsusamonji (XI) Winter Moon Blossom(Ayame) -
Tachi: Yukikaze
Deal five physical ice and non-elemental attacks to one enemy. Critical hit chance increases to 100% if the user has Retaliate.
Sync Requirements
Samurai Ability
Meikyo Shisui (XI)
Instantly increase the user's critical hit damage for one turn, increase the damage of the user's samurai abilities a moderate amount for one turn, temporarily grant the user major Retaliate, and grant the user Blade Drawn while Sync Mode is active.
Sync Requirements
Samurai Ability

Record Materia

Deal slightly more damage with samurai abilities.
Attack has a small chance to become Flashing Blade.
Attack has a slight chance to become Hailstorm.

Legend Materia

Increase ice damage a small amount.
Moderate chance for samurai abilities to trigger twice.
Moderate chance to reduce delay of the user's actions for one turn when a samurai ability triggers.
Begin battle temporarily infused with the power of ice.

Useable Equipment


Useable Ability

(Rarity 5)
(Rarity 5)
(Rarity 5)

Record Spheres / Legend Sphere

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Record Board

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