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A samurai sworn to defend Doma, an eastern land whose royal castle was decimated by Kefka's treachery. Cyan joined the Returners to avenge the deaths of his liege and his beloved wife and child.

World: FF VI


Physical Attack
Wields katanas and daggers. Can use rare samurai abilities, countering enemy attacks or afflicting them with punishing debuffs.

Recruitment Method

Phantom Train(Classic) First Time Reward

Memory Crystal

Mt. Zozo(Classic) First Time Reward
Falcon(Elite) First Time Reward

Memory Crystal II

Dreamscape, Part 2(Classic) First Time Reward
Hall of Rites

Memory Crystal III

Hall of Rites


Starting Value Lv 99
HP 214 6955
Attack 12 212
Defense 9 154
Magic 8 135
Resistance 8 135
Mind 8 149
Accuracy 20 25
Evasion 20 25
Speed 92 149

Soul Break

Soul Break Effect
Bushido Fang(Cyan) Deal physical damage to one enemy.

Soul Break Equipment (Unique)

Super Soul Break Equipment (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Murakumo (VI) Bushido Bloodmoon(Cyan) Attack +10
Mutsunokami (VI) Bushido Sky(Cyan) Attack +10

Burst Soul Break Equipment (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Murasame (VI) Bushido Tempest(Cyan) Attack +10
Burst Mode Abilities
Claws of Doma
Deal physical damage to one enemy, healing the user for a portion of the damage dealt.
Blades of Doma
Deal four physical attacks to one enemy, temporarily lower the user's Defense, and raise the user's Attack a moderate amount.

Ultra Soul Break (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Riot Blade (VI) Bushido Oblivion(Cyan) Attack +10
Spider's Kiss (VI) Crimson Bushido(Cyan) Attack +10

Arcane Overstrike (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Yakei (VI) Tsubame Gaeshi(Cyan) Attack +10

Glint (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Kaiser Shield (VI) Searing Stance(Cyan) Attack +10
Genji Glove (VI) Doma's Valor(Cyan) Attack +10

Awakening (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Divider (VI) Bushido Flash(Cyan) Attack +10
Awoken Mode
Awoken Samurai Mode
Awoken Mode Effects
Grant unlimited use of samurai abilities, grant up to a moderate Samurai Ability Boost, and cause samurai abilities used by the user to trigger twice.

Record Materia

Deal slightly more physical damage when a katana is equipped.
Gain Retaliate when low on HP.(Can only trigger once per battle.)
Deal significantly more damage with samurai abilities.
Gain a moderate amount of Attack and a small amount of Defense when a katana is equipped.

Legend Materia

Increase samurai ability damage a small amount.
Moderate chance for samurai abilities to trigger twice.
Begin battle temporarily infused with the power of fire.

Useable Equipment


Useable Ability

(Rarity 5)
(Rarity 5)

Record Spheres / Legend Sphere

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Record Board

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