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An affable young moogle whose clumsiness has led him to take up the practice of magic. Montblanc invites Marche to join his clan in a bid to help him find his way home.

World: FF T
Moogle Mage


Offensive Magic
Wields rods and wears light armor. Can use rare dancer abilities, weakening entire groups of enemies.

Memory Crystal

Hall of Rites

Memory Crystal II

Hall of Rites

Memory Crystal III

Hall of Rites


Starting Value Lv 99
HP 163 5295
Attack 6 99
Defense 7 114
Magic 12 218
Resistance 11 191
Mind 9 166
Accuracy 20 25
Evasion 20 25
Speed 85 137

Soul Break

Soul Break Effect
Magick Counter(Montblanc) Grant a Magic Barrier to the user.

Super Soul Break Equipment (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
White Staff M (FFT) Sidekick(Montblanc) Magic +10

Burst Soul Break Equipment (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Firewheel Rod (FFT) Black Combo(Montblanc) Magic +10
Burst Mode Abilities
Magic Combo
Deal four magic fire, ice, and lightning attacks to one enemy.
Moogle Rush
Deal two magic fire, ice, and lightning attacks to one enemy, temporarily lower the user's Resistance, and raise the user's Magic a moderate amount.

Ultra Soul Break (Unique)

Equipment Soul Break When Mastered
Guard Staff (FFT) Trinity Combo(Montblanc) Magic +10

Record Materia

Deal slightly more black magic damage when a staff is equipped.
Begin battle with Haste, and gain a small bonus to Magic.
Gain a large amount of Magic when a robe is equipped.

Legend Materia

Increase black magic damage a small amount.
Begin battle with Haste, and remove delay from the user's actions for three turns.
Moderate chance to reduce delay of the user's actions for one turn when a black magic ability triggers.
Small chance to temporarily lower the Attack, Magic, and Mind of all enemies a moderate amount when a dancer ability triggers.

Useable Equipment


Useable Ability

Black Magic
(Rarity 5)
(Rarity 6)

Record Spheres / Legend Sphere

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