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Reaching the Truth

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Name Dungeon / Battle

Adamantoise (Destruction)

Black Waltz 1 & Sealion (Destruction)

Black Waltz 2

Black Waltz 2 (Destruction)

Borghen (Destruction)

Byblos (Destruction)


Chaos (Destruction)

Cray Claw (Destruction)

Ifrit (Destruction)

Kraken (Destruction)

Land Turtle (Destruction)

Lich (Destruction)

Liquid Flame (Destruction)

Marilith (Destruction)

Plant Brain (Destruction)

Prison Cage (Destruction)

Ramuh (Destruction)

Sand Worm (Destruction)

Sergeant & Cur Nakks (Destruction)

Sergeant (Destruction)

Tiamat (Destruction)
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