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Realm: FF VI


Attack Deal physical damage to one target.
Thundara Deal moderate lightning damage to one target.
Thundaga Deal heavy lightning damage to one target.
1000 Needles Deal 1000 damage to one target.
Solar Plexus Deal physical damage to one target.


Fire -
Ice -
Lightning ABSORB
Earth -
Wind -
Water -
Holy -
Dark -

Additional Information

・Humbaba drops more Greater Wind Orbs in Elite Dungeons.
・A powerful technique here is to use Boost on Sephiroth, then have him use Retaliate. Once that's set up, have your other party members attack Sephiroth with Double Cut.
・Black magic spells Bio and Biora are a good way to deal Poison damage to Humbaba.

Debuff Immunities

Poison Silence Confuse Slow
Stop Sleep Petrify Doom
Instant KO Berserk Sap

Break Resistance

Attack -
Defense -
Magic -
Resistance -

Dr. Mog's Advice

Can you guess how much damage Humbaba's 1000 Needles attack does? Exactly a thousand, kupo! Always! It's not a trick question. He's vulnerable to poison damage, so bring spells like Bio to this fight!
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