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Damage Reduction Barriers(Damage Reduction Barriers(Classic) Damage Reduction Barriers)

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Damage Reduction Barriers


Attack The enemy does nothing...
You Need a Helping Hand Use Hero Drink on next action.
Hero Drink Temporarily raise the Attack, Magic, Defense, Resistance, and Mind of all targets, and grant them Haste.
I'm Done Killing Time Remove all targets from the battle.
Attack Deal physical damage to one target.
Attack All Deal physical damage to all targets.
Cross-Slash Deal physical damage to all targets.
Cyclone Drive Deal damage to all targets proportional to their current HP, ignoring resistances.
Gravity Deal damage to all targets proportional to their current HP, ignoring resistances.
Reaper Deal 2,000 damage to all targets.
Double Cut Deal two physical attacks to all targets.
Chain Thundaga Deal four magic lightning attacks to all targets.





Debuff Immunities

Poison Silence Paralyze Confuse
Slow Stop Blind Sleep
Petrify Doom Instant KO Berserk
Sap Interrupt actions

Break Resistance

Attack -
Defense -
Magic -
Resistance -
Mind -

Dr. Mog's Advice

A Damage Reduction Barrier lowers the damage you take. You can mitigate most attacks with these, so be sure to use them when you can. Damage Reduction Barriers can have varying levels of damage reduction, ranging from very small to very large. Just watch out for enemies that hit multiple times in a single attack, because Barriers only reduce the damage of the first attack. If attacks later in the chain are more powerful, you might take more damage than expected. It's all about the timing. That said, some Soul Breaks grant multiple Damage Reduction Barriers, like the Roaming Warrior Soul Break you'll use here. If you're worried, it wouldn't hurt to stack them. You can even use Damage Reduction Barriers with Mirror Image and Magic Barrier. Mirror Image and Magic Barrier act as the first line of protection, with a Damage Reduction Barrier to reduce the damage of later attacks. See which combinations work best for you.
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