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Event Dungeons

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Conquer the Flame Eater
Elemental Proving Grounds
A Soggy Request
Conquer Djinn
1st Flight - Kraken
2nd Flight - Nix
3rd Flight - Magitek Armor
4th Flight - White Dragon
Conquer Tyrant
Conquer the Lich
Ray of Hope, Path of Darkness
Conquer the Flans
Dreams - Etém
Of Wood and Sky
Conquer Godo
The Planet Trembles
Conquer Rapps
Dreams - Genesis
For Former Glory
Battle Square
Gift Dungeon
Hall of Arcana
Hall of Black Magic, Lightning, & Ice
Hall of Darkness, Wind, & Fire
Hall of Might, Earth, & Holy
Hall of Weapons & Armor
Hall of White Magic, Non-Elemental, & Summoning
Ironclad Enmity
Turning Point Record
Conquer Blademaster Gilgamesh
Shield of the King
Conquer the Bandersnatch
Dreams - Humbaba
Shield of the Past
Conquer Ultima Weapon
In the Name of the Wild Rose
Conquer Tyrant
1st Flight - Remnants
2nd Flight - Leblanc, Ormi, & Logos
3rd Flight - Alte Roite
4th Flight - Blue Dragon
Better Days Gone By
Conquer the Roundworm
Dreams - Imperial Shadow
Conquer the Silver Dragon
A Chilling Request
Conquer Elvoret
Conquer Ifrit
The Words That Started It All
Conquer Bahamut
Hometown Girl
Conquer Tiamat
Prophecy of Hope
Breaking the Chains of Time
Conquer Astos
Dreams - Dragon Zombie
Conquer the Malboros
Maniacal Clown
Conquer the Tentacles
Dreams - Siegfried
Hidden Treasure Hunter
Conquer Gilgamesh
1st Flight - Bahamut
2nd Flight - The Guardian
3rd Flight - The Soulcage
4th Flight - Bahamut
Conquer Barthandelus
Spark in the Void
Conquer the Manasvin Warmech
The Last Tear
Conquer Vajra
Dreams - Supersoldier Akkad
A Shocking Request
Conquer the Kraken
Adventurous Spirit
Conquer the Fork Tower Guardians
Conquer Magissa & Forza
Dreams - Enkidu
In Praise of Love
Conquer Baralai
Dream Meets Despair
Broken Horn, Unbroken Spirit
Conquer ????
Conquer Shiva
1st Flight - The Abductor
2nd Flight - Zalera
3rd Flight - The Dreadnought
4th Flight - Vossler
Merciless Weapon
Between Dimensions
Fury's Roar
Cruelest Heretic
Unparalleled Darkness
Enigmatic Orb
Hall of Transcendence
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