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Event Dungeons

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Conquer the Malboros
Maniacal Clown
Conquer the Tentacles
Dreams - Siegfried
Hidden Treasure Hunter
Conquer Gilgamesh
1st Flight - Bahamut
2nd Flight - The Guardian
3rd Flight - The Soulcage
4th Flight - Bahamut
Conquer Barthandelus
Spark in the Void
Elemental Proving Grounds
Conquer the Manasvin Warmech
The Last Tear
Conquer Vajra
Dreams - Supersoldier Akkad
A Shocking Request
Conquer the Kraken
Adventurous Spirit
Conquer the Fork Tower Guardians
Conquer Magissa & Forza
Dreams - Enkidu
In Praise of Love
Conquer Baralai
Dream Meets Despair
Broken Horn, Unbroken Spirit
Conquer ????
Conquer Shiva
Fallen Angels Rise
Conquer Rufus
The Dirge Begins
Conquer Aps
Struggle for the Planet
1st Flight - The Abductor
2nd Flight - Zalera
3rd Flight - The Dreadnought
4th Flight - Vossler
Conquer the Salamander
The Maiden of Water
Conquer Gutsco
Hidden Love, Sworn Loyalty
Conquer Zorn & Thorn
Resolution Blooms
Conquer the Bandersnatches
Dreams - The Masked Man
Finding Their Way
Knight of the Grieving Heart
Knight of the Duel
Knight of the Ruins
Knight of the Dead
Merciless Weapon
Conquer Leviathan and Asura
Conquer Nemesis
Damage Race
Fate Calls, Power Awakens
Gift Dungeon
Hall of Arcana
Hall of Black Magic, Lightning, & Ice
Hall of Darkness, Wind, & Fire
Hall of Might, Earth, & Holy
Hall of Weapons & Armor
Hall of White Magic, Null, & Summons
Knight of the Depths
Unleashed Soul Dungeons
Conquer the Zu
Passing Stars
Conquer Doctor Cid
Unswayed by Phantoms
Conquer Absolute Virtue
Conquer the Imperial Hoplites
Of Love and Honor
Discord and Harmony (Chaos)
Guided by Strife IV
1st Flight - Big Horn
2nd Flight - Nelapa
3rd Flight - Evrae Altana
4th Flight - Flyvern
Guided by Strife III
Omen of Strife
Conquer Wladislaus
Fal'Cie Puppets
Conquer the Beta Behemoth
Hard-Won Absolution
Ugallu (Dreams)
Conquer Dycedarg
Family Secrets
Conquer Barich
Hidden History
Conquer the Tyrannosaur
For Love of Peace
Assassin from Beyond
Conquer Cecil & Golbez
Conquer the Neo Garulas
Conquer Shiva
Place of Many Pasts
Conquer the Oblitzerator
Iron Giant (Dreams)
Suffering Son
1st Flight - Gizamaluke
2nd Flight - Elder Wyrm & Treants
3rd Flight - Shinryu-Celestia
4th Flight - Halicarnassus
Between Dimensions
Fury's Roar
Dragonlord of Fate
Dragonlord of Magic
Dragonlord of Visions
Dragonlord of Infinity
Dragonlord of Protection
Cruelest Heretic
Unparalleled Darkness
Enigmatic Orb
Hall of Transcendence
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