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Sanctuary Keeper(Mt. Gagazet - Cavern(Elite) Gagazet Cave - Summit Region)

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Sanctuary Keeper


Sanctuary Keeper
Attack Deal physical damage to one target.
Haste Grant Haste to one target.
Protect Grant Protect to one target.
Regen Grant Regen to one target.
Curaja Restore a very large amount of HP to the target.
Esuna Remove debuffs from one target.
Tail Sweep Deal moderate physical damage and Slow all targets.
Photon Wings Deal heavy physical damage and Sleep, Silence, Blind, Confuse and Sap all targets.
Mana Breath Deal heavy non-elemental damage to one target.
Reflect Grant Reflect to one target.


Sanctuary Keeper



Debuff Immunities

Sanctuary Keeper
Silence Paralyze Confuse Stop
Blind Sleep Petrify Doom
Instant KO Berserk Sap

Break Resistance

Sanctuary Keeper
Attack -
Defense -
Magic -
Resistance -
Mind -

Dr. Mog's Advice

The Sanctuary Keeper packs a lot of attacks that afflict debuffs, kupo, so bring along someone who can cast Esuna! It also casts Regen on itself, so have someone ready to Dispel that or it'll heal faster than you can shake your pom-pom! It packs all sorts of powerful attacks, but abilities like Protect and Shell can take off some of the heat. The Sanctuary Keeper doesn't have any elemental weaknesses, so it's up to you to use debuffs like Armor Break to soften it up, kupo!
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