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Name Dungeon / Battle

Archer & Black Mage & Thief

Archers, Summoners & Thieves


Argath & Ultima Demons

Barich & Hydra

Barich, Knights, Archer, & Black Mage

Belias & Archaeodaemons

Chemists, Thieves, & Orator

Cletienne, Time Mages, Samurai, and Ninjas


Dycedarg & Knights

Elmdore, Lettie, & Celia

Folmarv, Loffrey, & Cletienne


Gaffgarion & Knights

Gaffgarion, Knights, Archer, & Summoner


Isilud, Knights, Summoner, & Archer

Knight, Archers & Black Mages

Knights, Archers & Black Mages

Knights, Archers, & Black Mages

Knights, Archers, & Chemists

Knights, Black Mage, Dragoon, & Archer

Knights, Monks, & Archer

Lettie & Celia

Loffrey, Time Mage, Black Mages, & Summoners

Marach, Knights, & Archers

Marach, Summoners, & Ninjas

Meliadoul, Archers, & Summoners


Milleuda, White Mages, & Thieves


Thieves & Squires


Wiegraf, Knight, Monks, & Chocobo

Wiegraf, Knight, White Mage, Time Mage, & Black Mage

Zalbaag, Ultima Demon, & Archaeodaemons

Zalera, Skeletal Fiend, Bonesnatch, & Skeleton

Zalmour, Knights, & Mystics

Zalmour, Monk, & Knight
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