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Rarity 6

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Image Name Type School
Ultima Black Magic Black Magic
Meltdown Black Magic Black Magic
Chain Blizzaja Black Magic Black Magic
Chain Firaja Black Magic Black Magic
Chain Thundaja Black Magic Black Magic
Chain Waterja Black Magic Black Magic
Voltech Black Magic Black Magic
Chain Stoneja Black Magic Black Magic
Chain Tornado Black Magic Black Magic
Chain Bioga Black Magic Black Magic
Curada White Magic White Magic
Reraise White Magic White Magic
Holyja White Magic White Magic
De'Diaja White Magic White Magic
Neo Bahamut Summoning Summoning
Valigarmanda Summoning Summoning
Lunar Leviathan Summoning Summoning
Dark Valefor Summoning Summoning
Lunar Ifrit Summoning Summoning
Lunar Dragon Summoning Summoning
Brothers Summoning Summoning
Dark Ixion Summoning Summoning
Anima Summoning Summoning
Dark Shiva Summoning Summoning
Snowspell Strike Other Spellblade
Blastspell Strike Other Spellblade
Stormspell Strike Other Spellblade
Inferno Assault Other Spellblade
Iceclaw Assault Other Spellblade
Tremor Assault Other Spellblade
Torrential Assault Other Spellblade
Thunderous Assault Other Spellblade
Crushdown Physical Combat
Omega Drive Physical Combat
Quadruple Foul Physical Support
Affliction Break Physical Support
Northern Cross Physical Celerity
Dervish Physical Celerity
Flash Disaster Physical Celerity
Ripping Plasma Physical Celerity
Running Start Physical Celerity
Icebound Physical Celerity
Ripping Storm Physical Celerity
Sky High Other Dragoon
Impulse Dive Other Dragoon
Hurricane Bolt Other Dragoon
Serpent Dive Other Dragoon
Dark Side Dive Other Dragoon
Lifebane Other Monk
Ironfist Earth Other Monk
Ironfist Fire Other Monk
Ironfist Ice Other Monk
Spirited Dispatch Other Monk
Flashfist Lightning Other Monk
Meditative Palm Other Monk
Mug Bloodlust Other Thief
Fire Assault Other Thief
Storm Assault Other Thief
Aquatic Weakness Other Thief
Ripper Poison Other Thief
Poison Weakness Other Thief
Aegis Strike Other Knight
Healing Smite Other Knight
Gaia Force Other Knight
Great Form Other Knight
Demonsblood Other Samurai
Fire-Touched Blade Other Samurai
Frost-Touched Blade Other Samurai
Frostfire Carnage Other Samurai
Pyro Glacial Stance Other Samurai
Stitch in Time Other Ninja
Azure Unending Other Ninja
Grind to Dust Other Ninja
Fleeting Fragrance Other Ninja
Kaleidoshift Other Ninja
Allegro con Moto Other Bard
Divine Dirge Other Bard
Passionate Salsa Other Dancer
Penalty Snipe Other Machinist
Burnt Offering Other Machinist
Icy Offering Other Machinist
Plasma Shock Other Machinist
Trinity Grenade Other Machinist
Poison Offering Other Machinist
Demon's Cross Other Darkness
Necro Countdown Other Darkness
Touched by Darkness Other Darkness
Taboo Raid Other Darkness
Forbidden Cross Other Darkness
Sapphire Bullet Other Sharpshooter
Icicle Bullet Other Sharpshooter
Trinity Bombshell Other Sharpshooter
Ruby Bombshell Other Sharpshooter
Midnight Bullet Other Sharpshooter
Lunatic Thunder Other Witch
Chilling Blizzard Other Witch
Howling Flames Other Witch
Quake Swing Other Heavy Physical
Darkness Swing Other Heavy Physical
Dual Swing Other Heavy Physical
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