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Rarity 5

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Image Name Type School
Flare Black Magic Black Magic
Meteor Black Magic Black Magic
Chain Blizzaga Black Magic Black Magic
Chain Firaga Black Magic Black Magic
Chain Stonega Black Magic Black Magic
Chain Thundaga Black Magic Black Magic
Chain Biora Black Magic Black Magic
Chain Waterga Black Magic Black Magic
Tornado Black Magic Black Magic
Hastega White Magic White Magic
Holy White Magic White Magic
Arise White Magic White Magic
Ultra Cure White Magic White Magic
De'Dia White Magic White Magic
Odin Summoning Summoning
Bahamut (V) Summoning Summoning
Titan Summoning Summoning
Ultima Weapon Summoning Summoning
Tiamat Summoning Summoning
Ogopogo Summoning Summoning
Madeen Summoning Summoning
Bahamut (VI) Summoning Summoning
Flare Strike Other Spellblade
Quake Strike Other Spellblade
Tornado Strike Other Spellblade
Thundering Quadstrike Other Spellblade
Blazing Quadstrike Other Spellblade
Engulfing Quadstrike Other Spellblade
Frost Strike Other Spellblade
Tremoring Quadstrike Other Spellblade
Raging Quadstrike Other Spellblade
Freezing Quadstrike Other Spellblade
Barrage Physical Combat
Full Charge Physical Combat
Entrust Physical Support
Full Break Physical Support
Quick Hit Physical Celerity
Powerchain Physical Celerity
Leaping Rush Physical Celerity
Ripping Blast Physical Celerity
Ripper Bolt Physical Celerity
Sky Grinder Other Dragoon
Dragoon Jump Other Dragoon
Lightning Dive Other Dragoon
Aerial Dive Other Dragoon
Cyclone Bolt Other Dragoon
Aqua Corkscrew Other Dragoon
Exploding Fist Other Monk
Meteor Crush Other Monk
Fires Within Other Monk
Burning Rush Other Monk
Gaia Rush Other Monk
Icicle Rush Other Monk
Spark Rush Other Monk
Earthen Rebuke Other Monk
Mug Time Other Thief
Thief's Revenge Other Thief
Dash and Slash Other Thief
Poison Leaves Other Thief
Soul Burn Other Thief
Heat Bite Other Thief
Splash Bite Other Thief
Saint Cross Other Knight
Gaia's Cross Other Knight
Guardbringer Other Knight
Divine Cross Other Knight
Earthbringer Other Knight
Assault Sabre Other Knight
Earth Sabre Other Knight
Flashing Blade Other Samurai
Hailstorm Other Samurai
Warring Flame Other Samurai
Smoldering Moon Other Samurai
Warring Frost Other Samurai
Freezing Moon Other Samurai
Damning Flame Other Samurai
Iai Hellfire Other Samurai
Iai Hellfrost Other Samurai
Doppelblade Other Ninja
Smoldering Fire Other Ninja
Raging Storm Other Ninja
Reflecting Pool Other Ninja
Raging Waters Other Ninja
Ancestral Reflection Other Ninja
Shadow Embodied Other Ninja
Shifting Sands Other Ninja
Desert Mirage Other Ninja
Angelsong Other Bard
Mage's Hymn Other Bard
Warrior's Hymn Other Bard
Goddess's Paean Other Bard
Ode to Victory Other Bard
Multi Break Other Dancer
Crushing Tango Other Dancer
Enfeebling Jitterbug Other Dancer
Bio Grenade Other Machinist
Rapid Fire Other Machinist
Tempest Snipe Other Machinist
Spark Offering Other Machinist
Frost Offering Other Machinist
Flame Offering Other Machinist
Burning Snipe Other Machinist
Freezing Snipe Other Machinist
Sanguine Cross Other Darkness
Dark Zone Other Darkness
Reaping Scythe Other Darkness
Morbid Countdown Other Darkness
Dire Heal Other Darkness
Dwindling Spirit Other Darkness
Necrofear Other Darkness
Dread Weapon Other Darkness
Crimson Cross Other Darkness
Mark of Darkness Other Darkness
Sapphire Shot Other Sharpshooter
Icicle Shot Other Sharpshooter
Ruby Spark Other Sharpshooter
Midnight Throw Other Sharpshooter
Hell Thunder Other Witch
Abyssal Shards Other Witch
Sudden Thundara Other Witch
Sudden Blizzara Other Witch
Grand Charge Other Heavy Physical
Gigant Swing Other Heavy Physical
Blast Burn Other Heavy Physical
Evil Swing Other Heavy Physical
Dark Impact Other Heavy Physical
Stone Press Other Heavy Physical
Wicked Press Other Heavy Physical
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