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Rarity 4

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Image Name Type School
Firaja Black Magic Black Magic
Blizzaja Black Magic Black Magic
Thundaja Black Magic Black Magic
Waterja Black Magic Black Magic
Bioga Black Magic Black Magic
Darkra Black Magic Black Magic
Death Black Magic Black Magic
Break Black Magic Black Magic
Quake Black Magic Black Magic
Ruinga Black Magic Black Magic
Stoneja Black Magic Black Magic
Curaja White Magic White Magic
Protectga White Magic White Magic
Shellga White Magic White Magic
Slowga White Magic White Magic
Raise White Magic White Magic
Diaga White Magic White Magic
Curaise White Magic White Magic
Syldra Summoning Summoning
Leviathan Summoning Summoning
Maduin Summoning Summoning
Phoenix Summoning Summoning
Valefor Summoning Summoning
Carbuncle Summoning Summoning
Ixion Summoning Summoning
Alexander Summoning Summoning
Quetzalcoatl Summoning Summoning
Cactuar Summoning Summoning
Orthros Summoning Summoning
Fat Chocobo Summoning Summoning
Firaga Strike Other Spellblade
Blizzaga Strike Other Spellblade
Thundaga Strike Other Spellblade
Waterga Strike Other Spellblade
Break Strike Other Spellblade
Biora Strike Other Spellblade
Bladeblitz Physical Combat
Pound Physical Combat
Bonecrusher Physical Combat
Wrath Physical Support
Mental Breakdown Physical Support
Magic Breakdown Physical Support
Power Breakdown Physical Support
Armor Breakdown Physical Support
Mind Breakdown Physical Support
Shadowbind Physical Celerity
Dismissal Physical Celerity
Paralyzing Shot Physical Celerity
Lifesiphon Physical Combat
Soaring Jump Other Dragoon
Leeching Leap Other Dragoon
Blood of the Wyvern Other Dragoon
Pressure Point Other Monk
Punishing Palm Other Monk
Piercing Strike Other Monk
Steal Defense Other Thief
Steal Power Other Thief
Minus Strike Other Knight
Magic Lure Other Knight
Banishing Strike Other Knight
Armor Strike Other Knight
Yukikaze Other Samurai
Mirror of Equity Other Samurai
Darkmoon Other Samurai
Fire Blossom Other Samurai
Flurry of Petals Other Ninja
Shadowsteel Other Ninja
Phantasm Other Ninja
Gust Other Ninja
Spellbend Etude Other Bard
Enveloping Etude Other Bard
Box Step Sarabande Other Dancer
Stumble Step Other Dancer
Exhausting Polka Other Dancer
Halting Rumba Other Dancer
Heathen Frolic Sarabande Other Dancer
Blind Shell Other Machinist
Silence Shell Other Machinist
Poison Shell Other Machinist
Confuse Shell Other Machinist
Dark Bargain Other Darkness
Memento Mori Other Darkness
Death Throes Other Darkness
Hydroburst Other Sharpshooter
Blue Deep Other Sharpshooter
Flame Burst Other Sharpshooter
Sudden Thunder Other Witch
Sudden Freeze Other Witch
Heavy Charge Other Heavy Physical
Drainga Black Magic Black Magic
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