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Rarity 3

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Image Name Type School
Firaga Black Magic Black Magic
Blizzaga Black Magic Black Magic
Thundaga Black Magic Black Magic
Waterga Black Magic Black Magic
Biora Black Magic Black Magic
Dark Black Magic Black Magic
Gravity Black Magic Black Magic
Stop Black Magic Black Magic
Comet Black Magic Black Magic
Blindga Black Magic Black Magic
Stonega Black Magic Black Magic
Curaga White Magic White Magic
Silencega White Magic White Magic
Haste White Magic White Magic
Esuna White Magic White Magic
Diara White Magic White Magic
Dispel White Magic White Magic
Berserk White Magic White Magic
Faith White Magic White Magic
Renewing Cure White Magic White Magic
Memento of Prayer White Magic White Magic
Grace White Magic White Magic
Shiva Summoning Summoning
Ramuh Summoning Summoning
Ifrit Summoning Summoning
Fira Strike Other Spellblade
Blizzara Strike Other Spellblade
Thundara Strike Other Spellblade
Drain Strike Other Spellblade
Watera Strike Other Spellblade
Aerora Strike Other Spellblade
Bio Strike Other Spellblade
Magic Break Physical Combat
Armor Break Physical Combat
Power Break Physical Combat
Mental Break Physical Combat
Cripple Physical Combat
Launch Physical Combat
Mind Break Physical Combat
Intimidate Physical Support
Silence Buster Physical Support
Dark Buster Physical Support
Venom Buster Physical Support
Sleep Buster Physical Support
Quickness Physical Celerity
Leg Shot Physical Celerity
Tempo Flurry Physical Celerity
Wind Jump Other Dragoon
Ice Jump Other Dragoon
Lightning Jump Other Dragoon
Chakra Other Monk
Kick Other Monk
Memento of Might Other Monk
Steal Time Other Thief
Draw Fire Other Knight
Bracing Bash Other Knight
Memento of Protection Other Knight
Shield Bash Other Knight
Iai Strike Other Samurai
Swift Bolt Other Ninja
Water Veil Other Ninja
Fire Veil Other Ninja
Rallying Etude Other Bard
Mana's Paean Other Bard
Box Step Other Dancer
Stutter Step Other Dancer
Weak Polka Other Dancer
Heathen Frolic Other Dancer
Drain Black Magic Black Magic
Reflect White Magic White Magic
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