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Image Name Type School
Blade Bash Physical Combat
Body Slam Physical Combat
Charge Physical Combat
Double Cut Physical Combat
Bladeblitz Physical Combat
Magic Break Physical Combat
Armor Break Physical Combat
Power Break Physical Combat
Mental Break Physical Combat
Pound Physical Combat
Barrage Physical Combat
Cripple Physical Combat
Launch Physical Combat
Bonecrusher Physical Combat
Crushdown Physical Combat
Full Charge Physical Combat
Mind Break Physical Combat
Omega Drive Physical Combat
Shift Earth(Noctis) Physical Combat
Shifting Lightning(Noctis) Physical Combat
Salve Physical Support
Boost Physical Support
Intimidate Physical Support
Sleep Attack Physical Support
Silence Attack Physical Support
Venom Attack Physical Support
Dark Attack Physical Support
Wrath Physical Support
Entrust Physical Support
Cry Physical Support
Silence Buster Physical Support
Dark Buster Physical Support
Venom Buster Physical Support
Sleep Buster Physical Support
Mental Breakdown Physical Support
Magic Breakdown Physical Support
Power Breakdown Physical Support
Armor Breakdown Physical Support
Revive Physical Support
Full Break Physical Support
Quadruple Foul Physical Support
Affliction Break Physical Support
Mind Breakdown Physical Support
Judgment Grimoire(Tyro) Physical Support
Mark of Resolve(Gordon) Physical Support
High Tide(Quina) Physical Support
Chocolina Blues(Sazh) Physical Support
Transparent(Shelke) Physical Support
Blossom Heart(Fina) Physical Support
Aim Physical Celerity
Quickness Physical Celerity
Shadowbind Physical Celerity
Wind Slash Physical Celerity
Leg Shot Physical Celerity
Quick Hit Physical Celerity
Dagger Toss Physical Celerity
Tempo Flurry Physical Celerity
Dismissal Physical Celerity
Paralyzing Shot Physical Celerity
Lifesiphon Physical Combat
Northern Cross Physical Celerity
Powerchain Physical Celerity
Dervish Physical Celerity
Leaping Rush Physical Celerity
Ripping Blast Physical Celerity
Flash Disaster Physical Celerity
Ripper Bolt Physical Celerity
Ripping Plasma Physical Celerity
Running Start Physical Celerity
Shifting Flame(Noctis) Physical Celerity
Icebound Physical Celerity
Ripping Storm Physical Celerity
Blaze Rush(Lightning) Physical Celerity
Rush Assault(Zack) Physical Celerity
Synaptic Net Dive(Shelke) Physical Celerity
Rage(Gau) Physical Celerity
Multi-Hit(Onion Knight) Physical Celerity
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