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Image Name Type School
Fire Strike Other Spellblade
Fira Strike Other Spellblade
Firaga Strike Other Spellblade
Blizzard Strike Other Spellblade
Blizzara Strike Other Spellblade
Blizzaga Strike Other Spellblade
Thunder Strike Other Spellblade
Thundara Strike Other Spellblade
Thundaga Strike Other Spellblade
Drain Strike Other Spellblade
Flare Strike Other Spellblade
Water Strike Other Spellblade
Watera Strike Other Spellblade
Waterga Strike Other Spellblade
Aero Strike Other Spellblade
Aerora Strike Other Spellblade
Break Strike Other Spellblade
Bio Strike Other Spellblade
Biora Strike Other Spellblade
Quake Strike Other Spellblade
Tornado Strike Other Spellblade
Snowspell Strike Other Spellblade
Thundering Quadstrike Other Spellblade
Blazing Quadstrike Other Spellblade
Engulfing Quadstrike Other Spellblade
Frost Strike Other Spellblade
Tremoring Quadstrike Other Spellblade
Raging Quadstrike Other Spellblade
Blastspell Strike Other Spellblade
Stormspell Strike Other Spellblade
Inferno Assault Other Spellblade
Iceclaw Assault Other Spellblade
Tremor Assault Other Spellblade
Freezing Quadstrike Other Spellblade
Renzokuken(Squall) Other Spellblade
Spinning Edge(Celes) Other Spellblade
Crystal Shimmer(Bartz) Other Spellblade
Torrential Assault Other Spellblade
Braver(Cloud) Other Spellblade
Cyclone Drive(Machina) Other Spellblade
Hurt!(Paine) Other Spellblade
Genesis Slash(Genesis) Other Spellblade
Spellblade(Steiner) Other Spellblade
Northswain's Strike(Delita) Other Spellblade
Divine Judgment Blade(Queen) Other Spellblade
Thunderous Assault Other Spellblade
Ring of Love(Scott) Other Spellblade
Dual Swords(Reks) Other Spellblade
Spellsword Iceshock(Xezat) Other Spellblade
Zantetsuken (XV)(Ravus) Other Spellblade
Soul Prominence(Rain) Other Spellblade
Jump Other Dragoon
Wind Jump Other Dragoon
Soaring Jump Other Dragoon
Ice Jump Other Dragoon
Lightning Jump Other Dragoon
Sky Grinder Other Dragoon
Leeching Leap Other Dragoon
Dragoon Jump Other Dragoon
Blood of the Wyvern Other Dragoon
Sky High Other Dragoon
Lightning Dive Other Dragoon
Aerial Dive Other Dragoon
Cyclone Bolt Other Dragoon
Impulse Dive Other Dragoon
Aqua Corkscrew Other Dragoon
Hurricane Bolt Other Dragoon
Serpent Dive Other Dragoon
Whirlwind(Fang) Other Dragoon
Dragoon's Pride(Kain) Other Dragoon
Dark Side Dive Other Dragoon
Star Diver(Estinien) Other Dragoon
Ronso Jump(Kimahri) Other Dragoon
Jump (III)(Luneth) Other Dragoon
Massive Anchor(Ward) Other Dragoon
Air Superiority(Aranea) Other Dragoon
Lancer (IX)(Freya) Other Dragoon
Pride of Deist(Ricard) Other Dragoon
Whirling Lance(Nine) Other Dragoon
Boost Jump(Cid) Other Dragoon
Death Strike Other Monk
Chi Blast Other Monk
Chakra Other Monk
Pressure Point Other Monk
Punishing Palm Other Monk
Kick Other Monk
Memento of Might Other Monk
Exploding Fist Other Monk
Piercing Strike Other Monk
Lifebane Other Monk
Meteor Crush Other Monk
Fires Within Other Monk
Burning Rush Other Monk
Gaia Rush Other Monk
Icicle Rush Other Monk
Ironfist Earth Other Monk
Ironfist Fire Other Monk
Spark Rush Other Monk
Earthen Rebuke Other Monk
Ironfist Ice Other Monk
Spirited Dispatch Other Monk
Flashfist Lightning Other Monk
Froststrike(Snow) Other Monk
Meditative Palm Other Monk
Beat Rush(Tifa) Other Monk
Heroic Barrage(Josef) Other Monk
Fist of the Dawn(Galuf) Other Monk
Blink Impact(Yda) Other Monk
Countdown(Amarant) Other Monk
Raging Fist (VI)(Sabin) Other Monk
Blazing Fists(Refia) Other Monk
Raijin Special(Raijin) Other Monk
Meteor Barret(Zell) Other Monk
Explosive Fist (Type-0)(Eight) Other Monk
Fist Dance(Yang) Other Monk
Five Star Crimson Palm(Ursula) Other Monk
Icestorm(Umaro) Other Monk
Hero's Smash(Josef) Other Monk
Fighting Frenzy(Master) Other Monk
Nullifying Dropkick(Prishe) Other Monk
Gigantbreak(Guy) Other Monk
Somersault(Tifa) Other Monk
Steal HP Other Thief
Steal Time Other Thief
Steal Defense Other Thief
Steal Power Other Thief
Mug Time Other Thief
Thief's Revenge Other Thief
Mug Bloodlust Other Thief
Dash and Slash Other Thief
Poison Leaves Other Thief
Soul Burn Other Thief
Fire Assault Other Thief
Storm Assault Other Thief
Heat Bite Other Thief
Aquatic Weakness Other Thief
Splash Bite Other Thief
Mirage Raid(Locke) Other Thief
Al Bhed Steal(Rikku) Other Thief
Sagefire(Ignis) Other Thief
Scoop Art(Zidane) Other Thief
Pirate Anchor(Leila) Other Thief
Red Spiral(Vaan) Other Thief
Pirate Cannon(Faris) Other Thief
Tantalus Break(Marcus) Other Thief
Powder Keg(Lion) Other Thief
Invisibreak(Thief) Other Thief
Ripper Poison Other Thief
Poison Weakness Other Thief
Enhancement(Ignis) Other Thief
Serpent's Gale(Faris) Other Thief
Burning Spirit(Locke) Other Thief
Guard Other Knight
Draw Fire Other Knight
Minus Strike Other Knight
Bracing Bash Other Knight
Magic Lure Other Knight
Memento of Protection Other Knight
Banishing Strike Other Knight
Armor Strike Other Knight
Shield Bash Other Knight
Saint Cross Other Knight
Aegis Strike Other Knight
Gaia's Cross Other Knight
Guardbringer Other Knight
Divine Cross Other Knight
Earthbringer Other Knight
Assault Sabre Other Knight
Earth Sabre Other Knight
Healing Smite Other Knight
Gaia Force Other Knight
Paladin Force(Cecil) Other Knight
Sword Saint's Art(Orlandeau) Other Knight
Seiken Shock(Beatrix) Other Knight
Radiant Sword(Warrior of Light) Other Knight
Great Form Other Knight
Titan's Blade(Ingus) Other Knight
Royal Guard(Gladiolus) Other Knight
Golden Cross(Ramza) Other Knight
Judgment Blade(Agrias) Other Knight
Wings of Pride(Angeal) Other Knight
Vibra Slash(Ceodore) Other Knight
Circle of Scorn(Haurchefant) Other Knight
Shock(Leo) Other Knight
Ruin Impendent(Basch) Other Knight
Boulder Blow(Biggs) Other Knight
Swift Blade(Curilla) Other Knight
The Echo(Minfilia) Other Knight
Shatter Armor(Meliadoul) Other Knight
Crossover(Warrior of Light) Other Knight
Brotherhood of the Dawn(Dorgann) Other Knight
Clash of Light and Flame(Basch) Other Knight
Dancing Edge (I)(Wol) Other Knight
Unleashed Wrath(Angeal) Other Knight
Oathsworn Espada(Ingus) Other Knight
Retaliate Other Samurai
Iai Strike Other Samurai
Yukikaze Other Samurai
Flashing Blade Other Samurai
Mirror of Equity Other Samurai
Darkmoon Other Samurai
Fire Blossom Other Samurai
Demonsblood Other Samurai
Hailstorm Other Samurai
Warring Flame Other Samurai
Smoldering Moon Other Samurai
Warring Frost Other Samurai
Freezing Moon Other Samurai
Damning Flame Other Samurai
Iai Hellfire Other Samurai
Iai Hellfrost Other Samurai
Fire-Touched Blade Other Samurai
Frost-Touched Blade Other Samurai
Frostfire Carnage Other Samurai
Pyro Glacial Stance Other Samurai
Wild Rose(Firion) Other Samurai
Tachi: Gekko(Ayame) Other Samurai
Banishing Blade(Auron) Other Samurai
Death Claw(Gilgamesh) Other Samurai
Predecessor's Might(Cor) Other Samurai
Lightning Flash(Jack) Other Samurai
Lord of Arms(Firion) Other Samurai
Scintilla(Sephiroth) Other Samurai
Bushido Tempest(Cyan) Other Samurai
Blade Flash - Awakened(Lasswell) Other Samurai
Shuriken Other Ninja
Flurry of Petals Other Ninja
Swift Bolt Other Ninja
Water Veil Other Ninja
Shadowsteel Other Ninja
Fire Veil Other Ninja
Phantasm Other Ninja
Doppelblade Other Ninja
Gust Other Ninja
Stitch in Time Other Ninja
Smoldering Fire Other Ninja
Raging Storm Other Ninja
Reflecting Pool Other Ninja
Raging Waters Other Ninja
Ancestral Reflection Other Ninja
Shadow Embodied Other Ninja
Shifting Sands Other Ninja
Desert Mirage Other Ninja
Azure Unending Other Ninja
Grind to Dust Other Ninja
Shadow Fang(Shadow) Other Ninja
Fleeting Fragrance Other Ninja
Kaleidoshift Other Ninja
Ninjutsu(Edge) Other Ninja
Gauntlet(Yuffie) Other Ninja
Lupine Fang(Kelger) Other Ninja
Dream Within a Dream(Thancred) Other Ninja
Exsanguination(Kiros) Other Ninja
Requiem Other Bard
Rallying Etude Other Bard
Lullaby Other Bard
Mana's Paean Other Bard
Spellbend Etude Other Bard
Enveloping Etude Other Bard
Angelsong Other Bard
Allegro con Moto Other Bard
Mage's Hymn Other Bard
Warrior's Hymn Other Bard
Goddess's Paean Other Bard
Ode to Victory Other Bard
Divine Dirge Other Bard
Celestial Stasis(Orran) Other Bard
Wild Rose Prayer(Hilda) Other Bard
Hymn of Healing(Deuce) Other Bard
Prismatic Light(Aria) Other Bard
Fabled Song(Edward) Other Bard
Box Step Other Dancer
Box Step Sarabande Other Dancer
Stutter Step Other Dancer
Stumble Step Other Dancer
Weak Polka Other Dancer
Exhausting Polka Other Dancer
Halting Rumba Other Dancer
Heathen Frolic Other Dancer
Heathen Frolic Sarabande Other Dancer
Multi Break Other Dancer
Crushing Tango Other Dancer
Enfeebling Jitterbug Other Dancer
Passionate Salsa Other Dancer
War Dance(Penelo) Other Dancer
Slots(Selphie) Other Dancer
Heroic Harmony(Mog) Other Dancer
Joyful Dance(Cait Sith) Other Dancer
Sidekick(Montblanc) Other Dancer
Echo's Prize(Echo) Other Dancer
Sensual Dance(Lilisette) Other Dancer
Blind Shell Other Machinist
Silence Shell Other Machinist
Poison Shell Other Machinist
Confuse Shell Other Machinist
Bio Grenade Other Machinist
Penalty Snipe Other Machinist
Rapid Fire Other Machinist
Tempest Snipe Other Machinist
Spark Offering Other Machinist
Frost Offering Other Machinist
Flame Offering Other Machinist
Burning Snipe Other Machinist
Freezing Snipe Other Machinist
Burnt Offering Other Machinist
Icy Offering Other Machinist
Plasma Shock Other Machinist
Beast Flare(Vincent) Other Machinist
Trinity Grenade Other Machinist
Trigger Happy (XV)(Prompto) Other Machinist
Charged Shot(Cater) Other Machinist
Pyramid(Reno) Other Machinist
Desperado(Laguna) Other Machinist
Fires of War(Balthier) Other Machinist
Withering Shot(Edgar) Other Machinist
Trigger Finger(King) Other Machinist
Equalizer(Cid) Other Machinist
Poison Offering Other Machinist
Ungarmax(Barret) Other Machinist
Tidal Wave(Rikku) Other Machinist
Monkey Wrench(Cid) Other Machinist
Thor's Mighty Hammer(Cid) Other Machinist
Dark Bargain Other Darkness
Sanguine Cross Other Darkness
Dark Zone Other Darkness
Memento Mori Other Darkness
Death Throes Other Darkness
Reaping Scythe Other Darkness
Morbid Countdown Other Darkness
Dire Heal Other Darkness
Dwindling Spirit Other Darkness
Necrofear Other Darkness
Dread Weapon Other Darkness
Crimson Cross Other Darkness
Mark of Darkness Other Darkness
Demon's Cross Other Darkness
Necro Countdown Other Darkness
Touched by Darkness Other Darkness
Taboo Raid Other Darkness
Shadow Drake(Golbez) Other Darkness
Darkness(Cecil) Other Darkness
Forbidden Cross Other Darkness
Sacrifice Pawn(Nabaat) Other Darkness
Double Hole(Exdeath) Other Darkness
Shadowblade(Gaffgarion) Other Darkness
Heartless Angel(Sephiroth) Other Darkness
Aura of Darkness(Ardyn) Other Darkness
Bloodfest(Seifer) Other Darkness
Havoc Wing(Kefka) Other Darkness
Wave Cannon(Cloud of Darkness) Other Darkness
Chaos Bringer(Garland) Other Darkness
Seraph's Wing(Cid Raines) Other Darkness
Darkflare Star(Kuja) Other Darkness
Mako Barrage(Rufus) Other Darkness
Force of Will(Vayne) Other Darkness
Abyssal Strike(Zeid) Other Darkness
Dark Nebula(Sice) Other Darkness
Insulating Appendages(Cloud of Darkness) Other Darkness
Darkness Breaker(Leon) Other Darkness
Sapphire Shot Other Sharpshooter
Hydroburst Other Sharpshooter
Blue Deep Other Sharpshooter
Icicle Shot Other Sharpshooter
Ruby Spark Other Sharpshooter
Flame Burst Other Sharpshooter
Sapphire Bullet Other Sharpshooter
Icicle Bullet Other Sharpshooter
Trinity Bombshell Other Sharpshooter
Ruby Bombshell Other Sharpshooter
Midnight Bullet Other Sharpshooter
Midnight Throw Other Sharpshooter
Jecht Shot(Tidus) Other Sharpshooter
Meteor Javelin(Noel) Other Sharpshooter
Shatterheart(Fran) Other Sharpshooter
Element Reels(Wakka) Other Sharpshooter
Jecht Beam(Jecht) Other Sharpshooter
Canister Shot(Irvine) Other Sharpshooter
Freezing Rain(Trey) Other Sharpshooter
Red Card(Setzer) Other Sharpshooter
Hell Thunder Other Witch
Abyssal Shards Other Witch
Sudden Thunder Other Witch
Sudden Freeze Other Witch
Lunatic Thunder Other Witch
Chilling Blizzard Other Witch
Sudden Thundara Other Witch
Sudden Blizzara Other Witch
Angel Wing(Rinoa) Other Witch
Howling Flames Other Witch
Ethereal Force(Y'shtola) Other Witch
Play Rough(Shantotto) Other Witch
Ice Strike(Edea) Other Witch
Fury(Lulu) Other Witch
Inner Eye(Matoya) Other Witch
Grand Charge Other Heavy Physical
Heavy Charge Other Heavy Physical
Gigant Swing Other Heavy Physical
Blast Burn Other Heavy Physical
Evil Swing Other Heavy Physical
Dark Impact Other Heavy Physical
Stone Press Other Heavy Physical
Wicked Press Other Heavy Physical
Quake Swing Other Heavy Physical
Darkness Swing Other Heavy Physical
Full Swing(Cinque) Other Heavy Physical
Innocence(Gabranth) Other Heavy Physical
Dual Swing Other Heavy Physical
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