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Hero Abilities

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Image Name Type School
Onion Wizardry(Onion Knight) Black Magic Black Magic
Kerplode VIII(Maria) Black Magic Black Magic
Artemis Arrow(Serah) Black Magic Black Magic
Firaga RF(Ace) Black Magic Black Magic
Cleansing(Krile) Black Magic Black Magic
Jolt(Alisaie) Black Magic Black Magic
Riot Blade(Terra) Black Magic Black Magic
Earth Rave(Red XIII) Black Magic Black Magic
Whirlwind(Barbariccia) Black Magic Black Magic
Pallida Mors(Meia) Black Magic Black Magic
Maelstrom's Bolt(Ashe) Black Magic Black Magic
Double Black Magic Fira(Vivi) Black Magic Black Magic
Diving Strike(Seven) Black Magic Black Magic
Dr. Mog's Secret(Dr. Mog) Black Magic Black Magic
Scion's Fire(Papalymo) Black Magic Black Magic
Aqua Breath(Strago) Black Magic Black Magic
Starfall(Emperor) Black Magic Black Magic
The World's Rules(Enna Kros) Black Magic Black Magic
Zan(Fujin) Black Magic Black Magic
Last Resort(Hope) Black Magic Black Magic
Trickster(Wedge) Black Magic Black Magic
Magical Mimicry(Gogo) Black Magic Black Magic
Bolt of the Ancients(Desch) Black Magic Black Magic
Dire Meteor(Tellah) Black Magic Black Magic
Final Sentence(Ultimecia) Black Magic Black Magic
Artemis Volley(Serah) Black Magic Black Magic
Blizzard & Thunder(Vivi) Black Magic Black Magic
Aeroga (VI)(Strago) Black Magic Black Magic
Wind Rhapsody(Serafie) Black Magic Black Magic
Hail to the Queen(Quistis) Black Magic Black Magic
Total Mastery(Gogo) Black Magic Black Magic
Magic Barrage(Palom) Black Magic Black Magic
Inferno (IV)(Rubicante) Black Magic Black Magic
Impact(Alisaie) Black Magic Black Magic
Repentance Thorns(Emperor) Black Magic Black Magic
Ancient Lightning(Desch) Black Magic Black Magic
Astral Realm(Edea) Black Magic Black Magic
Holy VIII(Minwu) White Magic White Magic
Siphon Sphere(Rem) White Magic White Magic
Tycoon Cure(Lenna) White Magic White Magic
Healing Wind(Aerith) White Magic White Magic
Pray(Rosa) White Magic White Magic
Pocket Potion(Iris) White Magic White Magic
Repair(Aphmau) White Magic White Magic
Oerba's Boon(Vanille) White Magic White Magic
Starlight(Relm) White Magic White Magic
Sacred Prayer(Sarah) White Magic White Magic
Archadian Draught(Larsa) White Magic White Magic
Auroral Leviath(Arc) White Magic White Magic
Chant(Alma) White Magic White Magic
Healing Tears(Porom) White Magic White Magic
Princess's Prayer(Ovelia) White Magic White Magic
Fabula Heal(Elarra) White Magic White Magic
Bless(Fusoya) White Magic White Magic
Medica II(Y'shtola) White Magic White Magic
Whistle Promise(Yuna) White Magic White Magic
Maiden of Water(Aria) White Magic White Magic
Healing Wind (IV)(Porom) White Magic White Magic
Summoner's Band(Rydia) Summoning Summoning
Aerial Slice(Alphinaud) Summoning Summoning
Divine Guardian(Garnet) Summoning Summoning
Prayer of the Lost(Eiko) Summoning Summoning
The Sending(Yuna) Summoning Summoning
Diamond Dust(Ysayle) Summoning Summoning
Anima's Pain(Seymour) Summoning Summoning
Hydraean Protection(Lunafreya) Summoning Summoning
Wandering Flame(Braska) Summoning Summoning
Kindred Flame(Krile) Summoning Summoning
Renzokuken(Squall) Other Spellblade
Spinning Edge(Celes) Other Spellblade
Crystal Shimmer(Bartz) Other Spellblade
Braver(Cloud) Other Spellblade
Cyclone Drive(Machina) Other Spellblade
Hurt!(Paine) Other Spellblade
Genesis Slash(Genesis) Other Spellblade
Spellblade(Steiner) Other Spellblade
Northswain's Strike(Delita) Other Spellblade
Divine Judgment Blade(Queen) Other Spellblade
Ring of Love(Scott) Other Spellblade
Dual Swords(Reks) Other Spellblade
Spellsword Iceshock(Xezat) Other Spellblade
Zantetsuken (XV)(Ravus) Other Spellblade
Soul Prominence(Rain) Other Spellblade
Shift Earth(Noctis) Physical Combat
Shifting Lightning(Noctis) Physical Combat
Judgment Grimoire(Tyro) Physical Support
Mark of Resolve(Gordon) Physical Support
High Tide(Quina) Physical Support
Chocolina Blues(Sazh) Physical Support
Transparent(Shelke) Physical Support
Blossom Heart(Fina) Physical Support
Shifting Flame(Noctis) Physical Celerity
Blaze Rush(Lightning) Physical Celerity
Rush Assault(Zack) Physical Celerity
Synaptic Net Dive(Shelke) Physical Celerity
Rage(Gau) Physical Celerity
Multi-Hit(Onion Knight) Physical Celerity
Whirlwind(Fang) Other Dragoon
Dragoon's Pride(Kain) Other Dragoon
Star Diver(Estinien) Other Dragoon
Ronso Jump(Kimahri) Other Dragoon
Jump (III)(Luneth) Other Dragoon
Massive Anchor(Ward) Other Dragoon
Air Superiority(Aranea) Other Dragoon
Lancer (IX)(Freya) Other Dragoon
Pride of Deist(Ricard) Other Dragoon
Whirling Lance(Nine) Other Dragoon
Boost Jump(Cid) Other Dragoon
Froststrike(Snow) Other Monk
Beat Rush(Tifa) Other Monk
Heroic Barrage(Josef) Other Monk
Fist of the Dawn(Galuf) Other Monk
Blink Impact(Yda) Other Monk
Countdown(Amarant) Other Monk
Raging Fist (VI)(Sabin) Other Monk
Blazing Fists(Refia) Other Monk
Raijin Special(Raijin) Other Monk
Meteor Barret(Zell) Other Monk
Explosive Fist (Type-0)(Eight) Other Monk
Fist Dance(Yang) Other Monk
Five Star Crimson Palm(Ursula) Other Monk
Icestorm(Umaro) Other Monk
Hero's Smash(Josef) Other Monk
Fighting Frenzy(Master) Other Monk
Nullifying Dropkick(Prishe) Other Monk
Gigantbreak(Guy) Other Monk
Somersault(Tifa) Other Monk
Mirage Raid(Locke) Other Thief
Al Bhed Steal(Rikku) Other Thief
Sagefire(Ignis) Other Thief
Scoop Art(Zidane) Other Thief
Pirate Anchor(Leila) Other Thief
Red Spiral(Vaan) Other Thief
Pirate Cannon(Faris) Other Thief
Tantalus Break(Marcus) Other Thief
Powder Keg(Lion) Other Thief
Invisibreak(Thief) Other Thief
Enhancement(Ignis) Other Thief
Serpent's Gale(Faris) Other Thief
Burning Spirit(Locke) Other Thief
Paladin Force(Cecil) Other Knight
Sword Saint's Art(Orlandeau) Other Knight
Seiken Shock(Beatrix) Other Knight
Radiant Sword(Warrior of Light) Other Knight
Titan's Blade(Ingus) Other Knight
Royal Guard(Gladiolus) Other Knight
Golden Cross(Ramza) Other Knight
Judgment Blade(Agrias) Other Knight
Wings of Pride(Angeal) Other Knight
Vibra Slash(Ceodore) Other Knight
Circle of Scorn(Haurchefant) Other Knight
Shock(Leo) Other Knight
Ruin Impendent(Basch) Other Knight
Boulder Blow(Biggs) Other Knight
Swift Blade(Curilla) Other Knight
The Echo(Minfilia) Other Knight
Shatter Armor(Meliadoul) Other Knight
Crossover(Warrior of Light) Other Knight
Brotherhood of the Dawn(Dorgann) Other Knight
Clash of Light and Flame(Basch) Other Knight
Dancing Edge (I)(Wol) Other Knight
Unleashed Wrath(Angeal) Other Knight
Oathsworn Espada(Ingus) Other Knight
Wild Rose(Firion) Other Samurai
Tachi: Gekko(Ayame) Other Samurai
Banishing Blade(Auron) Other Samurai
Death Claw(Gilgamesh) Other Samurai
Predecessor's Might(Cor) Other Samurai
Lightning Flash(Jack) Other Samurai
Lord of Arms(Firion) Other Samurai
Scintilla(Sephiroth) Other Samurai
Bushido Tempest(Cyan) Other Samurai
Blade Flash - Awakened(Lasswell) Other Samurai
Shadow Fang(Shadow) Other Ninja
Ninjutsu(Edge) Other Ninja
Gauntlet(Yuffie) Other Ninja
Lupine Fang(Kelger) Other Ninja
Dream Within a Dream(Thancred) Other Ninja
Exsanguination(Kiros) Other Ninja
Celestial Stasis(Orran) Other Bard
Wild Rose Prayer(Hilda) Other Bard
Hymn of Healing(Deuce) Other Bard
Prismatic Light(Aria) Other Bard
Fabled Song(Edward) Other Bard
War Dance(Penelo) Other Dancer
Slots(Selphie) Other Dancer
Heroic Harmony(Mog) Other Dancer
Joyful Dance(Cait Sith) Other Dancer
Sidekick(Montblanc) Other Dancer
Echo's Prize(Echo) Other Dancer
Sensual Dance(Lilisette) Other Dancer
Beast Flare(Vincent) Other Machinist
Trigger Happy (XV)(Prompto) Other Machinist
Charged Shot(Cater) Other Machinist
Pyramid(Reno) Other Machinist
Desperado(Laguna) Other Machinist
Fires of War(Balthier) Other Machinist
Withering Shot(Edgar) Other Machinist
Trigger Finger(King) Other Machinist
Equalizer(Cid) Other Machinist
Ungarmax(Barret) Other Machinist
Tidal Wave(Rikku) Other Machinist
Monkey Wrench(Cid) Other Machinist
Thor's Mighty Hammer(Cid) Other Machinist
Shadow Drake(Golbez) Other Darkness
Darkness(Cecil) Other Darkness
Sacrifice Pawn(Nabaat) Other Darkness
Double Hole(Exdeath) Other Darkness
Shadowblade(Gaffgarion) Other Darkness
Heartless Angel(Sephiroth) Other Darkness
Aura of Darkness(Ardyn) Other Darkness
Bloodfest(Seifer) Other Darkness
Havoc Wing(Kefka) Other Darkness
Wave Cannon(Cloud of Darkness) Other Darkness
Chaos Bringer(Garland) Other Darkness
Seraph's Wing(Cid Raines) Other Darkness
Darkflare Star(Kuja) Other Darkness
Mako Barrage(Rufus) Other Darkness
Force of Will(Vayne) Other Darkness
Abyssal Strike(Zeid) Other Darkness
Dark Nebula(Sice) Other Darkness
Insulating Appendages(Cloud of Darkness) Other Darkness
Darkness Breaker(Leon) Other Darkness
Jecht Shot(Tidus) Other Sharpshooter
Meteor Javelin(Noel) Other Sharpshooter
Shatterheart(Fran) Other Sharpshooter
Element Reels(Wakka) Other Sharpshooter
Jecht Beam(Jecht) Other Sharpshooter
Canister Shot(Irvine) Other Sharpshooter
Freezing Rain(Trey) Other Sharpshooter
Red Card(Setzer) Other Sharpshooter
Angel Wing(Rinoa) Other Witch
Ethereal Force(Y'shtola) Other Witch
Play Rough(Shantotto) Other Witch
Ice Strike(Edea) Other Witch
Fury(Lulu) Other Witch
Inner Eye(Matoya) Other Witch
Full Swing(Cinque) Other Heavy Physical
Innocence(Gabranth) Other Heavy Physical
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