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Hero Abilities

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Image Name Type School
Onion Wizardry(Onion Knight) Black Magic Black Magic
Kerplode VIII(Maria) Black Magic Black Magic
Artemis Arrow(Serah) Black Magic Black Magic
Firaga RF(Ace) Black Magic Black Magic
Cleansing(Krile) Black Magic Black Magic
Jolt(Alisaie) Black Magic Black Magic
Riot Blade(Terra) Black Magic Black Magic
Earth Rave(Red XIII) Black Magic Black Magic
Whirlwind(Barbariccia) Black Magic Black Magic
Holy VIII(Minwu) White Magic White Magic
Siphon Sphere(Rem) White Magic White Magic
Tycoon Cure(Lenna) White Magic White Magic
Healing Wind(Aerith) White Magic White Magic
Pray(Rosa) White Magic White Magic
Summoner's Band(Rydia) Summoning Summoning
Aerial Slice(Alphinaud) Summoning Summoning
Divine Guardian(Garnet) Summoning Summoning
Prayer of the Lost(Eiko) Summoning Summoning
Renzokuken(Squall) Other Spellblade
Spinning Edge(Celes) Other Spellblade
Crystal Shimmer(Bartz) Other Spellblade
Braver(Cloud) Other Spellblade
Cyclone Drive(Machina) Other Spellblade
Judgment Grimoire(Tyro) Physical Support
Shifting Flame(Noctis) Physical Celerity
Blaze Rush(Lightning) Physical Celerity
Whirlwind(Fang) Other Dragoon
Dragoon's Pride(Kain) Other Dragoon
Froststrike(Snow) Other Monk
Mirage Raid(Locke) Other Thief
Al Bhed Steal(Rikku) Other Thief
Sagefire(Ignis) Other Thief
Scoop Art(Zidane) Other Thief
Paladin Force(Cecil) Other Knight
Sword Saint's Art(Orlandeau) Other Knight
Seiken Shock(Beatrix) Other Knight
Radiant Sword(Warrior of Light) Other Knight
Titan's Blade(Ingus) Other Knight
Royal Guard(Gladiolus) Other Knight
Golden Cross(Ramza) Other Knight
Wild Rose(Firion) Other Samurai
Shadow Fang(Shadow) Other Ninja
Ninjutsu(Edge) Other Ninja
Celestial Stasis(Orran) Other Bard
Wild Rose Prayer(Hilda) Other Bard
War Dance(Penelo) Other Dancer
Slots(Selphie) Other Dancer
Beast Flare(Vincent) Other Machinist
Shadow Drake(Golbez) Other Darkness
Darkness(Cecil) Other Darkness
Sacrifice Pawn(Nabaat) Other Darkness
Double Hole(Exdeath) Other Darkness
Shadowblade(Gaffgarion) Other Darkness
Heartless Angel(Sephiroth) Other Darkness
Jecht Shot(Tidus) Other Sharpshooter
Angel Wing(Rinoa) Other Witch
Ethereal Force(Y'shtola) Other Witch
Full Swing(Cinque) Other Heavy Physical
Innocence(Gabranth) Other Heavy Physical
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